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Dr. Berger happily lands a job at the prestigious Beverly Hills medical centre in Los Angeles and is eager to impress his new boss. After attending a Gala arranged by his superiors, he “mistakenly” volunteers to go work in Africa for a month at an under-resourced hospital. Leaving his fiancé behind, this American Doctor heads out to Tanzania to follow through with his promise.


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Release: Jun 04, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Going Bongo full movie review - Inspirational Drama, You'll enjoy every minute

This is a truly inspirational film. It's an enjoyable drama with some highly comical scenes. The film is the story of Dr Burger, played by Ernest Napoleon, who is coerced by his girlfriend, played by the gorgeous Ashley Olds, into signing up for a month's work in a third world hospital.

The drama then takes us to this foreign, uncomfortable world of Dar es Salaam. The films title, Going Bongo means going to Bongo, the nickname for Dar es Salaam. Perhaps more crucially for the plot, "Ubongo" means "Brain" in Swahili hence the double meaning of Going Bongo.

The visual imagery and soundtrack are fascinating, not since I saw Leonardo Dicaprio in the film The Beach, have I had this uncomfortable feeling of being in a foreign, almost alien world.

The film is based upon a true story of a French doctor, that left Europe to test his medical skills in Africa. The film was shot inside a real hospital in Tanzania, which provides a realism that would have been difficult to create in a studio. I just love the piles of printed hospital notes, that you wouldn't see in a modern, computer based medical facility.

We then meet the lovely Laura, a local doctor played by Emanuela Galliussi. We also meet the leading Kenyan actress Nyokabi Gethaiga.

There is some really appealing authentic music, that adds to the mood and enjoyment throughout.

I'm sure that after watching Going Bongo, you'll be left with many compelling reasons to love the film and to fall in love with Tanzania.

It's a great film, I enjoyed every minute, and I'm sure you will too.

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