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Good Girls Revolt 2015 full movie online free

A look as the personal and professional lives of employees at an American news magazine in the late 1960s.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Lena Hall , Anna Camp , Grace Gummer

Director: N/A


Quality: Unavailable []

Release: Nov 05, 2015

IMDb: 8.0

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Good Girls Revolt full movie review - Season 1 lays the foundation for an excellent show.

Good Girls Revolt uses Season 1 to lay the foundation for what may be an excellent show. I'm rating it 9 stars based on the potential that the quality writing of season 1 established.

A show set in 1969-70 about a group of woman using what was a new law requiring employers to provide equal opportunity to women that they provide men by filing a complaint with the equal opportunities officials with a pending lawsuit to force their employer should they not provide that opportunity willingly may be an old story, but this is the first show of this quality I have seen which tells the story in a fictional setting that very closely mirrors the reality of history. To some degree we may take this for granted today, but we didn't get here without a fight and this show documents that fight. If Season 1 is an indication I expect season 2 to be riveting. Ending on the press conference in which the filing is announced after season 1 captures how these women were taken for granted by being built into a process that had a ceiling built in at which women could rise no higher (the woman researched and wrote the copy printed, yet couldn't compile the final article published and get the byline). In many ways it reminds me of Mad Men in that it captures the state of society at that time very well (I'm old enough to remember much of it). Season 1 lets us get to know the characters and see how the system was built to exclude them. It also portrays the men as being oblivious to the fact that their process broke the law, something that I don't know if is true, but they do a good job of writing it such that you see that while they are quite aware of the process and its prohibiting women from being writers, they also don't give it any thought because that is simply the way it had always been. Well written, good young actors/actresses, and laying a foundation that took the time to convey what things were like for the many who watch who are not old enough to remember. I see this as being a show that has done a great job to this point and has the potential to go on to tell a great story as it is obvious that the women who filed this claim didn't really grasp the hornets nest they were stirring by filing this complaint. I have high hopes for the coming season, but they appear to have the right people in place to make this a quality show. I know I just finished season 1 and am ready for season 2 right now!

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