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Gorenos 2017 full movie online free

Miles is haunted by a supernatural entity in the wake of his 18th birthday


Quality: CAM [HD on 04 Aug]

Release: Apr 04, 2017

IMDb: 1.0

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Gorenos full movie review - Wow,an almost great movie

After five minutes I wanted to shut this movie off.The acting was atrocious.I figured there was no way I could enjoy this movie when the actors all over pronounciated their words and generally over-acted.

After fifteen minutes,I had changed my mind,not because the acting got better but because I couldn't look away. Now I can say honestly I am glad I didn't shut it off.

I won't go into detail about names or specifics in this review.I'll just tell you what I think I just watched.

This is a movie that was almost great.It was clear to me the writers wanted us to watch a movie that didn't insult our intelligence which the very plot alludes to at the beginning.What makes a great horror movie? What makes a horror movie leave us frustrated and unsatisfied?Starting the movie off with these questions opens a door to further intrigue .Would this movie be a parody of bad horror movies?Would this movie be just another bad horror movie? It turns out its neither. No time is wasted,and the plot moves along smoothly.The lines are funny at times but i was never sure if they were supposed to be ...and for some reason it just made me want to keep watching even more.

At times the plot would take a nose dive and I was sure i was about to be as aggravated as the main character suggested I would be watching a bad movie.But then the characters would react realistically and save the day.Just when you think its bordering on cheese,it redeems itself.I couldn't help think in after thought i'd just watched an episode from Tales from the Crypt. For better or worse, it was engaging,and made an effort to be more than just a b flick.I want to see more from the makers,and have a small bit of advice for the two main characters (the friends).Next time try under-acting a it seems over-acting comes naturally to you...try behaving more like you don't know you're on camera.This movie would have been great if you had. I'd watch this movie again someday....

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