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Hard Target 2 2016 full movie online free

Forced into a deadly cat-and-mouse game, a disgraced mixed martial arts fighter is hunted through the jungles of Southeast Asia.


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Release: Sep 06, 2016

IMDb: 5.6

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Hard Target 2 full movie review - Not Great As First But its worth watching it but could have been better

everyone finds this rubbish, everyone finds this great, for my opinion i think its worth watching not great or best movie i ever seen with Scott Adkins, but i wish John Woo an

d Jean Claude Van Damme for Hard Target franchise i just wish this movie was made back in 1995 or 96 or 98 to have jean Claude van damme back and john woo directing this movie i mean i don't have BIG issue with Scott Adkins he is one of my favorite Mixed Martial Arts in list of my action stars greatest Scott Adkins Undisputed 2 & 3, Close Range,Ninja 1 & 2, El Gringo all rest i think they were great another rest are good but another films he is not main role.

great well shot action scenes i love the action scenes so well made, i just wish that was Jean Claude Van Damme doing all this staff and all action scenes are very well made.Scott Adkins is a very talented martial arts actor but my problem is wasted much of his film career doing Grab cash-in sequels i still enjoyed them Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning, Jarhead 3 The Siege, Green Street Hooligans 3 never back down i still enjoy them but i hope he sticks on his own movies but not cash grab sequels like close range or movie with bigger budget of his own movie we haven't head of i love Van Damme hard target i think its one of best movies he ever did.

the story follows it self so it has noting to do with first movie so this movie is very different but it brings back ideas of first hard target if you know what i mean opening same heading title says hard target and different setting.there is a nice nod to the original Hard Target and you will easily recognize it they idea of first movie.

Story follows Wes "The Jailer" Baylor is a retired mixed Martial Arts fighter who Accident killed his friend in ring when they were fighting he won the fight still so he didn't get much money so he retired because he killed his friend. and his friend wife doesn't forgive him at all so Wes ended up street fighting owning a lot of money. (Robert Knepper)Aldrich wanted Wes Baylor anyway Aldrich watched Wes fighting in MMA offered him $1 Million dollars, to go jungle of Burma and Thailand where it was located. Wes was tricked buy Aldrich. Wes is getting into becoming a bait for the hunters. He flees from seven thugs armed with crossbows with only a money belt and a water bottle. samething like first film but expect different location movie is very fast placed great action scenes it brings back Human hunters on dirt bikes with chased by two hunters with crossbows and arrows Wes does that split kick up in air no stunts he did it from himself very well done. lucky it wasn't stunts at all, but some were fight scene with Scott Adkins and Rhona Mitra not bad action scene but great. all action was great but the problem is villains are not great Sofia (Rhona Mitra)a female villain i love females who Plays heroes or villains there's not much but still kicked ass in movie i mean she really can do better than that i liked her in Underworld Rise of Lyrics, Doomsday, Get Carter, Shooter.

you have some of staff similar things from fist movie comes back from here not story, Action Scenes Opening scene, motorbike chasing human hunters with money belt and also Robert Kneppers character is not much hes villain in so many movies he is not much of dialog or like Lance Henriksen character from first movie. he is not great villain he suits for movie but needs more something to do but the i liked when villain in movie weapon Thompson Center Arms Contender gun Robert Kneppers character has that gun in movie but still he doesn't end up doing anything he is just there for paycheck. hes not like villain in first movie they could of made him better but whats worth it is Scott Adkins puts all effort in movie for action all different action scenes but it brings back some of staff from first movie its not Huge disappointment but i still found it worth watching but in my dream i want Jean Claude van damme and john woo to direct franchise. i didn't expect this i like director death race 2,death race 3 there were good and dead in tombstone, pistol whipped, The Marine 2, The Man with the Iron Fists 2 but thing is director needs to put his movies and making different movies stop making these cash grab sequels giving paycheck to actors or anyone making low budget movie sequels. 6.10

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