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Hard Target 2 2016 full movie online free

Forced into a deadly cat-and-mouse game, a disgraced mixed martial arts fighter is hunted through the jungles of Southeast Asia.


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Release: Sep 06, 2016

IMDb: 5.6

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Hard Target 2 full movie review - Decent Saturday Night B Action Flick

When i heard of this movie i tough it could be very fun, i mean Scott Adkins playing the main character in a sequel to Hard Target, why not?

Im not a fan of what i call "Ammo Wasting" tough like what made John Woo, the director of the "first movie" famous. Yes before i go further, lets be clear, this is a sequel to a 1993 movie made in 2016, with different actor. More or less they go the safe route of not doing a remake like Hollywood is so fond these days but rather an unrelated "sequel" so people don't get upset. Kindergarten Cop did it not long ago with Dolph Lundgren playing the similar character of Arnold Swartzanegger.

So how is the movie? Well it start really good. The fight that help set the main hero is well done, not Boyka good, but pretty good. Then another fight which fit into the plot, a little more stiff and less good than the first but alright. So far so good. Then the movie move into the setting of why its call Hard Target. This is where the movie loose points. The hunters are after Wes, the hero, and he has to defend himself, and while i am glad most of the fights are hand to hand, they never recapture either the goodness of the first fights or the stuff from the first movie. When Wes kill a hunter, he never get his weapon to at least make the movie believable. The very first guy he kill had a knife, at least take the knife no? Rhona Mitra is in this too. She still look good for her age, but her acting was very stiff and her fight scene with Scott not good. Its obvious she can't follow him and you never think she could hold her ground against him unlike when she played a badass character in Doomsday couple years ago or Sonja in Underworld. I blame the director on that one that should see it and find a way to shoot that fight better, using angles to make her look good and not follow a choreography that is obvious.

The love interest slash sidekick woman is very pretty, her acting was alright in the french dubbed version i watched, but i saw reviews above that said she speak in a way too fluent English in the original version and thats my main grip with her character and her brother in the movie. They speak like English(or in my case french) is there first language. Not sure a modest villager of a small country near Thailand would speak English like this.

So i guess the only thing here is to suspend your disbelief a lot, and if you do that, the movie is still fairly enjoyable. Scott showcase his fighting ability again near the end and that fight is nice.

But overall, its a very generic action movie with lots of mistakes, its average in every area, acting, filming, action scenes(that are not hand to hand) but Scott is strong enough to carry the movie for me and his hand to hand fighting get the movie points. Rhona could had do a much better job tough, you can blame the fighting part on the director as i know she can do action flicks much better, but her expressions and acting is totally hers. The main bad guy did a very decent job on the other hand.

In the end, this movie is slightly above average, its a 6.5/10 for me. Its made on a limited budget and it show. The director have a lot of B movies to his credit and honestly having seen a bunch of them, this is not his best, nor his worst.

I would recommend for fans of Scott Adkins and fans of B action movies that never get enough. This review may seem negative a lot, but i had a fairly decent enjoyment with the movie, its not a "bad movie" at all. It just could had been better in my book, it had the potential for it.

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