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He Hated Pigeons 2015 full movie online free

Love is everything with a young man journey's from the north to south of Chile to fulfill a promise.


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Release: Oct 18, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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He Hated Pigeons full movie review - A real cinematic experience

A relatable transition story, HHP has few characters but excels in its pure diegesis. You are on this journey with Elias. You hurt when he hurts, you see what he sees, you have an experience with him.

As a big sucker for beautiful visuals, Dylan Macleod did an absolutely sterling job of capturing the natural beauty of Chile. The pacing of the film really adds to the sense of journey that the character is on in this story.

I was lucky enough to see the live score at Cucalorus film festival, performed by the magnificent Rozalind MacPhail, her ability to flawlessly fuse her sound with the film really made it something else. Tense and almost horror-like, gave me goosebumps throughout.

Overall, this film ticks a lot of boxes, the production was on point, which resulted in a high-quality film. The fact that Pedro Fontaine had never acted before also aided the film in terms of his character. Ingrid Veninger has a subtle signature to her films, one which will impact you more than you think. Her films will stay with you.

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