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He Never Died 2015 full movie online free

Jack is a solitary man with a mysterious past. His strange habits will soon become stranger when his past catches up with him.


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Release: Mar 17, 2015

IMDb: 6.5

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He Never Died full movie review - "It's hard to live, when you can't die"

There might have slipped through some spoilers.

"He never Died" is about our protagonist Jack. He is an immortal man, with an anti-social personality. When one day the mob focuses on him, his violent background starts to reappear...

This relatively short movie - it's only one hour and forty minutes log - was directed by Jason Krawczyk. I had never seen a movie of him before, which is very normal, because his previous two feature length movies who went under my radar, and weren't popular. But let's get back to this movie. He is, as I've seen in this movie, a very good director, or it was just a hit or miss for him. The direction was handled very good. There wasn't any shaky cam, and he used some very good camera movements. By making the camera stop at a specific angle, he could make some scenes more disturbing, and it put down the feel of the movie. Another director who did this, there are a lot, but I'm going to go with this one, is Ben Affleck in "Gone, Baby, Gone". Just so you can compare. The cinematography was also very good. Every shot was pretty, but this is also thanks to the director. The main issue I have with "He never Died", is the sound. Not that it sounded bad, or was edited bad, no, it was the sound choice. There were a lot of bad chosen sounds. (The chewing sound when he is chewing a finger and spits out a nail, especially the nail landing on the ground sound, sounded bad). The make-up, though was good. The bullet holes and blood overall were not nice to look at, and that's a compliment. The editing was fine, didn't notice any real mistakes, but there weren't some 'fantastic' edits. The soundtrack was good. Nothing to special or original.

The acting was fine overall, but this is just an average. This is because the main actor, Henry Rollins. Rollins played Jack, the protagonist of the story. He was really good. Well, at moments. But most of the time he was a great actor. He managed to convince me that he had been alive for a very, very long time, and that he was damaged, yet had enough of feelings. The next actors were fine, so let me list them, I'll talk about their bad, and good things. The first actor I will discuss, is an actress, she was Jordan Todosey. She played the daughter of our protagonist. She had some chemistry with Rollins, which made me like her more, but there it just stops for me. There was another female actor in "He never Died", and this was Kate Greenhouse. She played a love interest-like character for Jack. She was good. She had her emotional parts that she handled fine, if she didn't have to do those, my overall thought about her would've been better. Another actor that participated in this movie was the antagonist of the movie. He was played by Steven Ogg, I believe it was. He was good as well, nothing too special. In the climax, I very much enjoyed his performance.

The script was good too. This was written by the director himself. I love when a director does this, it just shows the dedication that he's put into the movie. The dialogue was witty, and funny. It was creative and realistic at moments. They felt like conversations that you'd have in such situation, before you start to question my use of 'realistic'. The character of Jack was very good. He was interesting, and intriguing. I wanted to know more about him. I got to know him a bit more throughout the movie, and you could puzzle a bit, to find out who he really was, and what or why he was doing these things. But he was the only well developed character. I understand that the writer/director did this, because the story mainly focuses on him, but I would've liked to care more about the other characters, who weren't immortal. The story was also good, and well build. It was quite original as well. The villain or the antagonist of the story had some good motivation, and I liked the reasoning behind one of his actions, which I can't tell to you, because this is a spoiler-free review. There were some boring moments in the movie, but the climax makes up for this.

The climax was one of my favorite parts of the movie, and I'll explain in this paragraph why I think that it was so good. The acting just made a step up in this part. Jack got a very well written monologue against The Man. If you've seen the movie I think you'll know who I mean. His performance during this scene was just superb, and made my jaw drop. The directing was also great, and the tension building was fantastic, I was sitting on the edge of my seat during this part of the movie.

Well, that's about it. This is a different movie, that you're used to, but it's good different.


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