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Hellions 2015 full movie online free

A teen faces a night of terror when three malevolent trick-or-treaters come knocking at her door.


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Release: Sep 25, 2015

IMDb: 4.0

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Hellions full movie review - Give This One Time And It'll Gain A Huge Horror Cult Following.

I really don't remember how I even came to know about this movie. I just know that once I saw the title of it online and watched the trailer that I had to watch it.

The reviews at the time were mostly overly negative. But I still couldn't go on without having seen it. The premise was strange. I'm a sucker for strange horror films. So I bought it and after two viewings so far I can say with confidence that this movie is not nearly as bad as these negative reviews make it out to be.

First off, if you don't like weird or somewhat artsy movies, then you might not like this. This isn't a typical horror movie like the kind that gets released nationwide in theaters for teenagers to bring their lovers on dates with. Though I honestly wish it would've been released in theaters across the country as this is a visual treat. The cinematography is very well done for such a low budget movie. The musical score is a new horror theme classic for me. The acting was decent for the genre. The monsters are really creepy. There isn't really a coherent plot past the 15 minute mark, but this isn't supposed to be an award winner for best screenplay. It is a art horror film for most of the movie. Sure many will call it pretentious. But this is honestly one of the best surrealist horror films in a long time. Sure the plot might be a bit dumb, but the visuals and overall vibe of the movie have cult classic written all over it. Some of the special effects are silly. Some are really well done for the budget. Right now I'm sure most expected a simple good vs evil straight forward horror film. This one really is that grey area of movies. I'd compare its style to films such as "Paper House" and "Eraserhead". It does seem to partially be inspired by David Lynch. There are even moments that have a slight Silent Hill vibe. I'd say its the American surrealist take on the French Horror film "Inside". It's also pretty gory. It doesn't have an 'Unrated" rating for nothing. I didn't wanna give any plot spoilers as this movie is best viewed without any prior premise knowledge. I'd say if you haven't already, then don't see the trailer either. Just know it's a surreal and strange horror movie. If that doesn't sound like something you'd enjoy, then don't watch it. I can see this becoming a Halloween season cult hit as the years go by and more and more open minded horror fans view it and spread the word. I'm not saying everyone will absolutely love it, but I know for sure it doesn't deserve these horrible reviews it seems to be getting from the get go. I am adding this to my Halloween season go to list. Give this one time and it'll gain a huge cult following I promise that. A B-movie surreal horror masterwork of weirdness. And no I'm not on drugs, like some reviewers say you have to be on to enjoy this. Turn off the lights and partake.

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