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Her Infidelity 2015 full movie online free

Lonely and feeling neglected by her workaholic husband, pretty Lily has a one-night stand with a handsome teacher from her son's elementary school, only to quickly realize that she's fallen into the snare of a dangerous sociopath...


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Release: Feb 14, 2015

IMDb: 2.8

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Her Infidelity full movie review - On the dangers of not thinking things through...

Ambivalence -- that unpleasant sensation of wanting to do something, and yet resisting it.

Rachel Hunter does well here as Lily, a neglected housewife and PTA president, who, against her better judgment, allows herself to be seduced by her son's teacher. If only she had paused to consider the consequences of her actions! But then we wouldn't have had this somewhat better-than-average (at least in its first hour) LMN flick...

Somewhat unconventionally pretty, and sexy despite being rather big-boned, this New Zealand-born actress brings depth to the role of a person who makes a rash mistake and quickly comes to regret it.

Lily's nemesis in the film, Grayson (Clayton Chitty), sets off a flurry of excitement among the female characters in this film, despite conveying a sense of creepiness. (Indeed, creepy is the way this film starts out, with a stunner of a flashback sequence.)

And Lane Edwards does well as Lily's husband, Peter, although his casting is peculiar -- he and Chitty are practically dead ringers for each other!

I'll admit I only watched half of this movie. When I had to do something else after the first hour, and my 12-year-old son offered to let me know how it turned out. When I heard the over-the-top denouement, I deleted this from the ol' DVR.

So I can understand how some other reviewers are very critical of this production. I'd just like to concentrate on the pretty-good acting job put in by Ms. Hunter (Rod Stewart's ex-wife, by the way). My son and I had seen her in the dumb disaster flick "Miami Magma" and she's much better here.

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