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Hidden Colors 4: The Religion of White Supremacy 2016 full movie online free

The fourth in King Flex Entertainment's documentary film series about racism.

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Release: May 26, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Hidden Colors 4: The Religion of White Supremacy full movie review - A great documentary... to share with someone you love and want to build with

I appreciate how much information is in this documentary. I had to pause several times to look-up more resources on certain events mentioned by the speakers.

I watched it by myself the first time, and I was just captivated throughout... while also feeling a deep nod of understanding: I certainly did not know of many of the historical events mentioned, but as an adult American I'm aware of how the thoughts and practices of white supremacy shapes our society, including what gets taught and talked about. I felt sad throughout and disappointed -- for all of us and mostly in myself for... just going-with-the-flow or going through the motions of how things have been setup and run in this country. I also felt a lot of anxiety at the thought of re-watching this with certain White American family members -- not the ones who are conscious believers and practitioners of white supremacy... for them I love from afar, keep strict boundaries with and protection from, pray for, and thank all of humanity's Gods that we all someday will die and make room for something else. But for those loved ones who we've come to call "White," who really, really try to be "good" but find themselves saying things and doing things that reveal a lack of valuing of human lives -- lives they see as "other." So when someone brings up the awfulness of American slavery and its ongoing impact; the good White person may itch to say, "Well, Africans had slaves; lots of people had slaves." Imagine someone bringing up the awfulness of childhood sexual abuse and the ongoing impact it has on survivors and their families and someone responds to say, "Well, lots of people sexually abuse children." Sigh! Well, the documentary shares a lot about what white supremacy has taken and continues to take from various communities, but for those who don't intentionally renounce or reject this "religion," they give up precious things as well. I feel hope that this resource will help me to build relationally with people in my family.

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