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Hidden 2015 full movie online free

A family takes refuge in a fallout shelter to avoid a dangerous outbreak.


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Release: Sep 15, 2015

IMDb: 6.6

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Hidden full movie review - Absolutely amazing. Story, acting, characters, plot twist, everything! The most well made "Zombies" film to date!

If you've seen the plot synopsis for Hidden, you've probably realized how short it is. Consider yourselves lucky, as this simply incredible, amazing and superbly done film is best enjoyed knowing as little as possible about it.

The main scenario is extremely familiar: the end has come, a group of survivors takes shelter, trying to hang on to their lives while hiding from the "breathers" that forever lurk above the surface. Sounds banal and unoriginal, doesn't it? Trust me, nothing could be farther away from the truth.

The film portrays the dynamics between two parents trying their best to give their daughter a life worth living in a school bomb shelter where they have been hiding for the past 300 days. Their everyday problems include rationing canned food, drawing water, and being there for each other. The acting is absolutely incredible by all three protagonists. Alexander Skarsgård, as the father Ray, is definitely the family's rock, barely but constantly managing to keep hope alive and cheer up both his daughter and his wife during their impossible predicament. Andrea Riseborough, as the mother Claire, plays an excellent middle link, both supporting Ray in helping their daughter and being supported by him during her moments of despair. If Ray's the rock, she's definitely the glue, taking full charge in the very few moments when Ray's immaculate yet human composure fails. Emily Alyn Lind, as the daughter Zoe, is amazingly professional and convincing as the little 9 year old, trying to adjust to a life where she has no friends, very little food and pass-time activities, and is constantly tormented by nightmares and fear of being found. The scenes where Ray comforts Zoe are heartfelt and overwhelming, and only the truly hard can avoid shedding a tear (I couldn't).

The story is intriguing, compelling and suspenseful, and the viewer finds themselves attached to the characters and worrying about them from the very beginning. The excellent script and direction work by the Duffer brothers, along with the spectacular acting, have made the characters relatable and lovable. The amazingly clever plot twist easily gives titans like the Saw series or The Sixth Sense a run for their money, and the entire turn of events is realistic and convincing, and in no way too "Hollywoodic" (for better or worse).

I admit that I find it hard to rate Hidden objectively, as it's been a while since I've enjoyed a film so much. The scary parts are realistically frightening, the emotional scenes are realistically touching, and the all the situations simply feel entirely real. By far the best "Post-Appocalyse/Zombies" film I've ever seen. I can't recommend it enough. Not only a must see, but absolutely Oscar material (in a better world where the Horror genre receives its due fame). I believe many of you will find some shortcomings, certain features that could have been done better and should deduct a few points from Hidden's overall score. I humbly admit that I couldn't, and wouldn't want to. A well earnt and deserving perfect 10!

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