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Hope 2015 full movie online free

On his clandestine journey from Cameroon to Europe through the Sahara desert, Léonard meets Hope, a Nigerian girl who's following the same dream.


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Release: Jan 28, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Hope full movie review - An Oustanding Movie

Hope perfectly and very realistically depicts the life of refugees by keeping the love between Hope and Leonard at the ground. Hope is a young woman from Nigeria and Leonard is a young man from Cameron.

Both want to cross the borders to reach Europe where they think that their dreams will come true. The direction and the performance of the players in the movie made me so impressed.There is no abuse, no push, no exaggeration of feelings in this movie, contrarily very balanced and very powerful story telling. I adored the script and the way of telling stories of people. The script definitely deserves 5 stars. Thank you for such a great movie.

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