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Inspired by actual events, a group of 12 year old girls face a night of horror when the compulsive addiction of an online social media game turns a moment of cyber bullying into a night of insanity.


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Release: Nov 20, 2015

IMDb: 4.5

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#Horror full movie review - Bad, but you could've guessed.

Atrocious. *it's quite lengthy, so be warned* I don't have much to add that many of the reviews haven't said. If you are, by chance, stumbling onto mine first, this is what I have to say.

So many elements of the supposedly haunted art in this house are so unbearably cliché; portraits and statues of people opening their eyes, things moving without explanation (most notably the pulsating egg-person), things moving suddenly without explanation, a light bulb flickering in a basement where a killer lay waiting, very generic 'psychotic/haunted/possessed' music throughout, etc. If the writers wanted to communicate that the haunted house was causing the girls to go insane, the sporadic shots of them dancing didn't do much to fill in what dialogue and the plot failed to.

If the writers/director wanted to convey a message, the consensus (my opinion included) is that it was very much so obstructed and its meaning lost. If there was a takeaway, there was very little left over to think about; much of the message was exploited and stripped bare. For example, the viewer watches the beginning of the movie and formulates that these are (to an extent, it could very much vary from person to person) privileged teenagers who obsess over their phones and have little regard for other people. About halfway through, Dr. White (Cat's father) arrives at this person's house (I forgot who hosted the get-together, and it's irrelevant to my point), and lambastes the group for being self-centered, idiotic, mean, animal-like, etc.; the writers take assumptions that could've been made and uses them up until there is nothing left; there is no room to ponder on points trying to be made.

I feel like the concept at hand (cyber-bullying and obsession over social media/smartphones) could've been worked into a horror/murder mystery much more skillfully than it was. The relation of social media and taunting to murder is not thought out well at all. The motive behind Cat killing everybody is that she wanted the avatar of her Instagram/Candy Crush portmanteau to have more 'likes' on her posts than anybody else, and the best way to go about doing that is to kill teenagers and post the photos of their dead bodies online, because that's really what people like to see? Weak and very unfathomable. Not the slightest shred of logic behind her train of thought. The app itself is also so very terrible in its design and concept (in my humble opinion); the only way I could see it gaining popularity within a group such as this is if an amateur app developer they knew made it. This can't be the case, however, because, according to the news story at the end of the movie, it had a following of many millions of people. The app and the concept behind it (sliding pictures together to get points? Why is a Candy Crush concept combined with the feature of being able to 'like' posts?) I cannot see getting a steady following; apparently people don't mind that it appears on the screen without having to turn your phone on, either (when it's locked in the walk-in safe). Also, it's popular to put a hashtag both in front and behind of a tag? Is it a murder/mutilation oriented kind of app? That would help explain why pressing the 'submit' button is followed by the sound of a gunshot or a guillotine (depends when in the movie you watch). If it is a murder oriented social media app, where more gruesome and mortal content is craved, surely Cat's posts won't be of any significance or specialty, like she believed they would? There are so many flaws within the design of the app in the movie.

The man having an affair is named Harry Cox.

If there were any redeeming qualities to a movie like this, it's that it's so bad that it can be mocked and laughed and enjoyed adequately just the same as a decent movie, right? WRONG. At least to me, it's not 'so bad it's good'; it's 'so bad it's bad'. Take, for example, The Room. It's a title that's renowned (or at least I would assume it is); why? Because when we watch the movie, the subtle things tell us that the writers, directors, anybody else involved, put in a genuine, whole-hearted effort to make a good piece of film. This is why it is funny, because of the failure to achieve their collective goal. When you watch #Horror, the same thing does not take place. Again, it is these subtle things; the writing, the things in the movie (take for example the social media platform (especially) and the artwork), the acting (most notably that of Dr. White), that tells you a different tale. To me, it appears that a whole-hearted effort was made to produce a movie aimed at gaining publicity as a movie so terrible it is ridiculous and contemptuous, hilariously so. When that happens, you can't sit back and laugh at its low quality when you know its doing its job; to instill a sense of "wow, that was terrible. How hilarious that somebody actually tried to make an Oscar contender". Examples I can think of are the social media app itself (seems an awful lot like it's mocking other social media apps, and poorly at that), and a desperate Mr. White's monologue in the woods, which features such gems as "Cat! Don't worry, I'll buy you a soup and sandwich", "I'll build a trap", and others (paraphrased).

P.S.; I'd like to point out that, when the tale of the insane artist character was being told (his name was Ray something), there was talk about him going to a fortune-teller, and receiving news that there were 4 winds that converged on his property that bore spiritual significance. Other than Georgie saying 'that sounds like a fart' sometime soon afterwards, there was ABSOLUTELY NO further reference to this element of the plot.

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