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Howl 2015 full movie online free

When passengers on a train are attacked by a creature, they must band together in order to survive until morning.


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Release: Oct 01, 2015

IMDb: 4.7

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Howl full movie review - Good movie with flaws

I love good horror movies, specially those that involve werewolves, vampires

and other beasts ! But werewolves are quite on the top of my list ! Until now I did not found werewolf movie that would be good from beginning till the end. American Werewolf in London, Howling 1, Silver Bullet etc are those that have many good parts and I also liked very much new version of The Wolfman (2010) with Anthony Hopkins and Benicio del Toro and critics truly gave this beautifully made movie too low ratings.

I like Howl the way it is made. Monsters are incredibly well made and even movies with many times greater budget, like Hollywood types of movies, often have much worse looking werewolves ! So I was truly pleasantly surprised with this. Also scene is very good, really morbid looking English forest with all this mist and full moon of course. Specially spooky was when it was combining with heavy rain ! So scene, effects, story all this is quite good, but its one thing I didn't stand and that's some of actors. Pussy looking conductor who is behaving like woman with period suddenly become strong and aggressive leader. When macho type businessman wanted to kill infected old lady (which was smart thing to do), they all tried to stop him and at the end those idiots tied him right next to her (old lady obviously transforming into werewolf). This conductor hero (who go on my nerves) was so easily influenced by females, obviously idiotic woman pleaser (Im not saying he is truly like that but his role was for me truly annoying) Instead of supporting that man who saw clearly that old lady is turning, he was under influence of emotional two blond females (one working on train he was obviously in love with her and other protective hysterical mother type of woman, who wanted to help girl who was already slaughtered and put all in danger with her emotional drama). So yes, nothing make me more angry than man under influence of woman and this conductor was like that. But he could be cool guy if they didn't gave him such stupid role, so this is not personal at all. He obviously had much anger suppressed underneath shy and orderly appearance, just look how he smashed dying werewolf head. This is difference between ordinary actors and famous actors. Famous one will choose their roles, but ordinary one will just have to do what they are told, they have no choice. So if director want them to be idiots. they will have to be no choice here. Like this man with the axe. He obviously should not go in the forest alone with more possible werewolves inside, and he left even his friend there who needed his assistance for train damage repair. But he went anyway, so he acted like idiot, he had no choice he was chosen to be - idiot ! So hysterical and bad acting characters you don't care much about, still acting was itself quite good generally from some of them like conductor guy and macho guy - two far the best quality actors..And werewolves were so well made just fantastic and most frightening I ever saw, so this was really good point, the ending was also very very good and totally dramatic, you just forget all other flaws ! So generally characters too annoying, (either stupid or selfish), to like them and care about them, that is real flaw here, but conductor - Joe, manage to overgrow his hysterical and childish behavior and get transformed into new man and fight beasts alone with total courage so his female co-worker could escape...werewolves have this intuition who is without fear so that is why they let him live, but in very different form ! I knew macho guy will not survive, he was just too selfish, but even his extreme survival instinct did not helped him in the end, boy was he surprised when he saw Joe as werewolf, his last female working on train was only survival ! Truly well made movie, I gave it 7/10.

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