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The wife of a successful construction manager has disappeared after an ordinary morning in Belgrade. He is assured she will come back and continues with life, as usual. But, maybe she is just the first of the collapsed dominoes.


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Release: Mar 01, 2016

IMDb: 8.0

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Humidity full movie review - A story about a man, in a city, alone..

This film reminded me of a cult classic "La notte" by Antonioni. "Vlaznost", like "La notte", portrays a high class woman that has lost her love for her husband and is seeking escape from him.

But this film, on the other hand, focuses on the husband. We don't see where the wife goes, but it does not matter.

This is a story about a man, in a city, alone.

Does this gives him freedom?

It tells the universal story about capitalism, alienation, patriarchy, and false illusions about family. All through a dreamy like manner by using dissolve transitions, relative slow pace, and cuts to a car POV at a random highway at night, that keeps going and going... Not sure if the latter makes sense but you'll see. The film at moments gives out a poetic vibe, which suits it very nicely.

Its a good film from a country that does not often shine on the map in a film sense, and that's why it deserves to be viewed.

It's worth it.

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