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I Am Michael 2015 full movie online free

The controversial true story of a gay activist who rejects his homosexuality and becomes a Christian pastor.

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Release: Jan 24, 2015

IMDb: 2.0

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I Am Michael full movie review - Shame on James Franco and Zachary Quinto

This is evidence that James Franco IS NOT A FRIEND of the LGBT community.

James Franco is simply a scholar exploring gay issues in an academic sense; he holds no allegiance, because a true friend of the gay community would never produce and promote a story about a man who has turned against the LGBT community for the sake of religion.

As late as 2014, Michael Glatz in an interview with the notorious homophobe, Joseph Nicolosi, went on to demonise homosexuals; making the case that his now 'heterosexuality' is the true order of life, see interview here: former- gay-acti/

Therefore what was the purpose of promoting this man's story if it is not to echo the sentiment (at a time when gays are gaining mileage in ending the dangerous practice of reparative therapy) that being gay is a choice that can be changed? James Franco is clearly an opportunist who cares only about his filmic achievements and monetary gains, as confirmed in his recent film, The Interview.

What however, is more alarming is Zachary Quinto's participation in a film that serves to tell young gay men seeking support in their acceptance of self, that their homophobic Christian parents have a valid point with their lies that gays can change their homosexuality for the sake of Christ, because being gay is a shameful sin. What Zachary has shown is that he lives in a bubble and only cares about himself and not the struggles homosexuals continue to face around the world, because no self-respecting gay man who accepts his homosexuality would dare participate in a film promoting homophobia.

It would be one thing if Michael Glatz's story was him simply ending his life as a homosexual man, because he no longer finds other men attractive. With that I could argue that he was probably someone whose adolescent experiences confused him into thinking he was gay; because there are many heterosexual guys who because of their effeminate or soft mannerism become confused by their peers who label them gay and so they begin to experiment, only to discover later on that they are truly heterosexual. But Michael Glatz's story was about him caving into Christianity: the religious institution responsible for the pain and suffering homosexual people have endured for the last 2000 years.

SHAME ON Franco and Quinto for feeding the hands of Anti-gay organizations like FRC and NOM, because now they have a well produced film to point to in their campaign of lies that being gay is an undesirable choice.

NO SELF-RESPECTING GAY AND ALLY should ever support any project by James Franco or Zachary Quinto. Their projects are to be left alone, just as how the Michael Glatz's story should have been left alone.

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