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In Your Arms 2015 full movie online free

When Maria (Lisa Carlehed) meets Niels for the first time, he comes across as an angry and unsympathetic young man. His chronic illness has been concentrated into a single wish - to go to a Swiss nursing home for euthanasia. But in order to get there, he needs a volunteer escort.


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Release: Jan 25, 2015

IMDb: 8.0

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In Your Arms full movie review - Interesting plot about issues of sickness and death. Both main protagonists seem one-dimensional at first, but develop into interesting and likable characters later on

Saw this at the Leiden film festival (LIFF 2015. The plot is interesting overall, gradually becoming sufficiently complex in dramatic developments.

Two believable main protagonists who are not always likable or behave logically, just as in the real world. Still both deserve our sympathy, and obtain that eventually in spite of their defects.

An intermediate stop in Hamburg takes a considerable part of the running time. It is essential to obtain a deeper insight in Maria and Niels, each with their good and bad features. This is the place where both, in their own ways, experience some unexpected things they (and we) never had imagined beforehand. There is more to both of them than initially thought after having seen them act and interact in the hospital where we met Niels (as a patient) and Maria (as a nurse). They start off as one-dimensional characters, Niels just being obstinate and egoistic, Maria just being insecure and sacrificing herself. But there is much more, and the story offers ample chance to complete their portrait in full. And this refinement process continues when finally arriving in Switzerland, where Niels will be prepared for his aided suicide, being the purpose of their journey in the first place.

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