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"Influence" is a story about the key events of the Wielkopolska Uprising - a dramatic arrival of Ignacy Jan Paderewski in Poznań, and the people who prepared the uprising, fought in it and won. "Influence" uses the characteristics of action and thriller movies. Refers to the cinema era - German expressionism, and the atmosphere of the era - the pervasive sense of the end of old world and the birth of the new one, fear of change and at the same time striving for it.


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Release: Jan 23, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Influence full movie review - Very bad very, bad bad movie

This movie is as bad as this ungrammatical summary title: very bad very, bad bad. Or to be completely honest, it is even more: not just bad, but simply wrong

The script is poor. The director is not directing. Most of the actors are not acting. The editing and characteristic visual effects are simply annoying. The only surely noticeable thing is the music scape- in that it is boring. And on top of that there is no historic background / setting, so the historically uneducated viewers will think of this as pure fantasy story, instead of a historic events told in a fantasy way

All this picture is, is nothing more than just a bunch of boring and sometimes chaotic scenes revolving around the re-birth of polish state near the end of the First World War. In it we have multiple ripoffs from other movies presented in such a manner, that they constitute as pure kitsch. For example at the beginning we are (not as much presented but) bluntly attacked by a character being a laughable mix of Dr. Strangelove and Darth Vader; but the sad thing is, that this laughable part was not intended to be as such

The only subjectively valuable thing was the statement given by a one of characters, who happened to say that he wants the independent Poland to be a country where white and red means strawberries with smetana (a type of sour cream) and not spilled blood of polish people of high moral values (the red and the white are the two colors equally distributed on polish flag). And the only objectively valuable aspect of this movie are the sets and costumes, which recreate the time period accurately and with a big scale. But even this positive effect of accuracy had to be destroyed, by things like the usage of word Luftwaffe when talking about German planes (because Luftwaffe is the German air force from the Second World War, the conflict that will take place two decades later)

And so you have been warned: do not waste time on this attempt on making a piece of art. Because what came to be of it, really do is a piece: but of s**t

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