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Insurgent 2015 full movie online free

Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart.


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Release: Mar 18, 2015

IMDb: 6.6

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Insurgent full movie review - A different mood from Divergent

Continuing the story from Divergent, Four and Tris, with Marcus, Peter and Caleb hides within the Amity's residences. It's not long until Max and Eric bring men under Jeanine in search for them.

Peter snitch on the group so Tris, Four and Caleb run and they catch a train back to the city. After a fight against faction-less men in the train, Four reveals his Abnegration identity and they lead them to their faction-less leader, Four's mother Evelyn, who's been hiding from Marcus. Evelyn informs them about the location of Christina and the rest of the Dauntless within the Candor building. Meanwhile Jeanine has found a box claimed to contain a message from the city's founders, which can only be opened by a Divergent. As Tris and Four head to Candor, Caleb separates parts, saying he's going back to Abnegation. At Candor Tris and Four meet Christina, Tori and the rest of the Dauntless. But the Candor leader is strict and Tris and Four are to be taken to trial at the Faction Council. Four reasons his way out gaining instead a trial within Candor, under influence of Candor's truth serum. Under the serum Four admits he was going to leave Dauntless but he fell in love with Tris and stayed to protect her. On the other hand Tris admits about Will. At night when Four is out, Eric and Max attack the Candor building, putting to sleep many people with a new serum. Those who don't go down are tested and proved to be Divergents. Eric plans to find a 100% Divergent for Jeanine's test subject and kill the rest of them. He finds out that Tris is one, but Four and the rest of the Dauntless turns the table, executing Eric at the end.

Four and Tris returns to Evelyn, reluctantly agreeing to her way of attacking Jeanine and he Erudite head on. But as they prepare, Jeanine activates the implants on the Dauntless, implanted on the Candor siege, controlling the Dauntless subconsciously and threatening suicides until Tris is surrendered. Tris sneaks out of the faction-less' hideout and surrender herself to Jeanine, who then has her undergo the five faction simulation to open the message box. Tris passes the Dauntless sim by saving her mother, the Candor sim by being truthful to her mother, the Abnegation sim by sparing Peter's life from her vengeance, and also the Erudite sim by figuring out that she's not really out of the sim yet. Jeanine rests her when she sees Tris is exhausted. The next day Peter shows Tris that Four is captured trying to rescue her. She went ballistic but Peter jacks her up with a drug that calms her. Tris fails to pass the last Amity sim due to attacking Jeanine in the sim. She goes unconscious and Jeanine orders the Erudite to find another strong Divergent and orders Peter to dispose of Tris. Peter brings Tris to Four and tricks the cell guards to free Four and wakes up Tris. As they make escape, Tris instead insists to stay and finish the Amity sim to open the box in honor of her parents. Tris passes the sim by resisting to attack her doppelganger. The message reveals that instead the Divergents are the solution as the faction system is actually an experiment and that there are other people beyond the fence. Jeanie orders to silence the message and every witness. But Evelyn and the Dauntless-faction-less army storms the place saving the situation. The message is then broadcast to every monitor in the city.

The story nicely feels a notch or two improvements compared to the first movie. But if we compared to other similar stories, especially to The Hunger Games saga with the similarly female lead, the transition from Divergent to Insurgent doesn't really have the feel of urgency within the movie's mood. Comparably, the mood change from suspicious to alerted is stronger in the transition between Catching Fire to Mockingjay Part 1. On the other hand Insurgent still has the movie fluctuates to many times from the thrilling confrontations to the calmer dialog between characters scenes.

The overall world and background depiction somehow feels reduced from what's shown in Divergent. The absence of the powerful and age relate- able soundtracks at major incidents really strengthened this image. I didn't remember any good song from Insurgent, while I at least remembered the Emmy Rossum styled tunes from Divergent.

This time in the series, this movie focuses more on the story and drama. We get served a lot of intrigues, revelations, truthful confrontations, and even double turncoats. We get less action and stunts here, although the ones that are shown aren't bad at all. I like the earlier stunt of the railway jump. But it sure shows that this movie lacks good fight scenes, which we see quite a plenty in Divergent.

The acting overall for me is still at the same level with Divergent. It's quite nice that Shailene Woodley and Theo James manages to reprise their lead roles here. Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort nicely keep their characters from Divergent, enough for the later surprises near the end. It's funny to note that all the significant male actors here; James, Teller and Elgort; has been paired with Shailene Woodley in other movies and all of them had kissed her. This makes the scene after Peter frees Four feels very funny to me.

A 6 out of 10 score is what I give to Insurgent (2015). A recommendation is a yes from me. The movie is entertaining for me, and since I like to follow about long movie sagas, I think Insurgent is a must watch to continue on what we saw in Divergent (2014).

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