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Into the Forest 2015 full movie online free

In the not too distant future, two young women who live in a remote ancient forest discover the world around them is on the brink of an apocalypse. Informed only by rumor, they fight intruders, disease, loneliness & starvation.


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Release: Jan 01, 2015

IMDb: 2.0

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Into the Forest full movie review - Preschoolers in teenage Body.

To start this film has decent color, camera-work, and editing, even the acting is okay regardless of the fact the choices the girls make are just utterly unrealistic, and mindblowingly dumb.

I was confused if it was the acting that was terrible but decided it was the story. Do teenage girls actually act like this? It kind of worries me that a simple power outage leads them to such extreme lack of intelligence. I felt as if i was watching preschoolers in teenage bodies. I eventually forced myself to stop watching this film because i was becoming angry at the foolishness i was seeing. So the power goes out and somehow its the end of the world. Spoilers start here. So all is well at first, a happy single dad raising his two daughters in a modest house in the woods an hour drive or so to a city or town. They obviously go to town at least every other day, on the day the powers out the car battery dies, the next day their intelligent father rigs up a chainsaw to charge the battery, I really hope the car wasn't a stick shift cause they could have just push started it, lets say it wasn't. So at this point we find out that Evan Rachel Wood as Eva, is into ballet, and her sister is Ellen Page as Nell except they look nothing alike but okay ill believe you its a movie. Meanwhile they go to the grocery store and run into a family friend? Who helps them out with some free candles, they get home and their dad has an accident while chopping wood with his chainsaw? This is the point where all intelligence is thrown out the window. Somehow the girls hear the accident happen and run out to find their dad laying on the ground with a leg wound, somehow the dad knows hes going to die but has them apply pressure to the wound, yet doesn't tell them to get help instead just says he loves them like hes on his death bed. The girls sorts of just stand in shock ,and honestly its daylight they have a working car why didn't they try to load him into it and drive him to a hospital? Do cell phones not exist? They didn't do anything to help him? Instead the just sleep at his now corpse then wake up and dig a hole and bury him. This had me so angry i was literally yelling WTF at this point, wondering if this was normal for them and if they somehow killed their mom and buried her in the back yard as well. The girls look teenage and the next day they move on like nothing happened, Eva goes back to practicing ballet while Nell somehow cooks 5 star meals with no electricity. They don't even try to tell anyone, I stopped watching shortly after disgusted by the utter stupidity i had just seen. Is this behavior normal? I grew up in Canada and had friends that lived in cabins in the forest an hour or 2 from town, they still had working phones, generators for backup, satellite TV, and live normal lives. Didn't these girls have family friends i was under the impression they knew the grocery store guy, maybe even had boyfriends. I am puzzled by anyone who was like okay with the decision-making of the girls ._. All i can say is this feels like it was written by a child, how did the director not have vision to stop production and say this has no logic instead its like wait a minute the viewers are unintelligent they just will watch Ellen Page and not even pay attention to this whole mental retardation. I'm insulted, never before have i felt like the world truly has become idiocracy. Im done!

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