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Intruders 2016 full movie online free

Anna suffers from agoraphobia so crippling that when a trio of criminals break into her house, she cannot bring herself to flee. But what the intruders don't realize is that agoraphobia is not her only psychosis.


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Release: Jan 15, 2016

IMDb: 5.7

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Intruders full movie review - A Harrowing Home Invasion Thriller!!!

Adam Schindler has made an impressive directorial debut with his unusual home invasion thriller "Intruders" featuring a largely anonymous cast and a story that unfolds in a single setting.

The premise of the T.J. Cimfel & David K. White screenplay is provocative. A twentysomething woman, Anna Rook (Beth Riesgraf of "Scorcher"), hasn't set foot outside her family home since her father died ten years ago. Anna's father, we come to learn later, was not an exemplary role model. What nobody seems to know is that Anna is afflicted with agoraphobia. Open spaces simply terrify her. These days she spends most of her time attending to her dying brother, Conrad (Timothy T. McKinney of "Bernie"), who is suffering from the ravages of pancreatic cancer. The only bright light in her universe is an amusing meals-on-meals guy, Dan Cooper (Rory Culkin of "Signs"), who shows up at her door every day with a song and dance routine. A trio of violent thugs, J.P. Henson (Jack Kesy of "Empire Gypsy"), sadistic Perry Cuttner (Martin Starr of "Superbad"), and Vance (Joshua Mikkel of "Terminator Genisys") break into her home since they figured that Anna would be at her brother's funeral. Anna's condition is so traumatic that when her brother finally succumbs to the disease, she cannot attend his funeral. These three ruffians acquired their information from none other than happy-go-lucky Dan, and he pays a stiff price later for his treachery when Anna learns about his role in the home invasion. Ironically, the three intruders encounter more than they were prepared for. The surprise is really on them because they have broken into no ordinary house. Anna's house is brimming with secrets. Furthermore, the trauma that Anna has suffered with so long actually enables her to dispatch all three villains. Schindler and his writers keep developing the plot in many imaginative ways, and you find yourself enjoying the piecemeal demise that the burglars are doomed to face, particularly Perry. The most heinous of the three is Perry. After the trio learn that Anna is loose somewhere in the house, Perry takes it upon himself to smash the head of Anna's pet parakeet with a hammer. This mindless killing of a harmless bird is the single most sadistic act in "Intruders." Happily, Anna pays Perry back with similar treatment to that which he meted out of the poor bird. Not only do these three have no idea that Anna is agoraphobic, but also that she has an interesting background. Typically, home invasion movies present a suspenseful situation that the damsel-in-distress must get out of if she plans to survive. Indeed, in most horror chillers, the female victims need to evacuate themselves from the house or face mortal consequences. What makes Anna's plight so interesting is that she cannot bring herself to cross the threshold. Schindler does a good job cultivating suspense, and "Intruders" never wears out its welcome. Beth Riesgraf turns in a terrific performance as the woman-in-jeopardy, and the three thugs are a roughhewn trio that make you worry about our heroine's chances of survival. The dark secret about Anna's life comes into play about a half-hour into the action, and the tension mounts. Aside from our heroine, her three assailants, the meals-on-wheels guy, only one other character shows up for the action. One of Conrad's friends, Charlotte (Leticia Jimenez of "Pitch Perfect 2"), shows up at the worse moments. "Intruders" will keep you poised on the edge of your seat throughout its brisk 90 minutes.

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