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Jenny's Wedding 2015 full movie online free

Jenny Farrell is getting married. But how will her straight-laced family react when they find out that the woman they thought was their daughter’s roommate is actually her fiancée? As the old-fashioned Farrells attempt to come to terms with the prospect of a surprise daughter-in-law, they face a difficult choice: either adapt with the times or risk being left behind.


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Release: Jul 31, 2015

IMDb: 4.9

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Jenny's Wedding full movie review - Jenny's Wedding - A Surprisingly Good Film!

I didn't expect to like this film, and if I had read any of the reviews beforehand, I probably would've dismissed Jenny's Wedding as another corny, poorly acted Heigl rom-com, with an LGBT twist added for substance. That would've been a mistake!

This is a romantic comedy, but not the romance of a young lesbian couple. Rather, it is a romantic comedy about a middle-aged married couple who thought they had life beat; and just when they're ready to pat themselves on the back for raising three "normal" adult children, their perfect world is capsized by the announcement of their daughter Jenny's wedding.

From the opening scene to the film's climax, it is clear that this is the parents' love story, not Jenny's. The major theme comes through subtly yet profoundly when Eddie (the father) explains to Jenny the right reason to get married:

"?because you find the right person," he says, "and when you meet the right person, you go the distance."

It is the discovery that the "right" person for Jenny is another woman that forces Eddie and his wife of 20+ years to reexamine everything they previously held to be true - not only about themselves, but about love, marriage, parenthood, and friendship.

Similar to the film Rachel Getting Married (which had less to do with "Rachel" and more to do with her sister's addiction & the family secret that's exposed at the wedding), Jenny's wedding merely functions as the backdrop for this couple's efforts "to go the distance" in the face of all the changes they must confront as a result of learning their daughter is gay.

I wouldn't go so far to say it's a must-see, but it is a surprisingly good film, with some thought-provoking moments that my fiancé and I really enjoyed teasing out. The performances by Linda Emond, Tom Wilkinson, and Grace Gummer (she's clearly got some of her mom's talent!) were excellent!!

Here's the problem, though (and the film's major weakness) - it's so easy to miss the point and see this film as a story about a young woman "coming out" to her family (in which case critics are right - it's 20 years too late), or see this as a story about a lesbian couple getting married (in which case the character development of Jenny's partner & soon to be bride is painfully lacking). But neither is the point of this film! It's simply a lighthearted portrayal of the extremely difficult work of going the distance in relationships.

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