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Just in Time for Christmas 2015 full movie online free

Lindsay is faced with a life-altering decision as Christmas approaches: Stay in her tiny hometown and marry boyfriend Jason or accept a coveted post teaching at an Ivy League college on the other side of the country. What to do? Fortunately for Lindsay, she has some big-time help in the form of a magical messenger who is able to transport her three years into the future to see how it would all turn out.


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Release: Dec 05, 2015

IMDb: 6.3

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Just in Time for Christmas full movie review - Fantastic Movie - Enough said.

Wow. Can't believe there's only one review on this. Casting was superb, and the story was sweet. Can't believe myself didn't notice the movies from this channel sooner.

Always have been a sucker for romantic comedies - even more so when a holiday is added to the mix. First saw Master Eloise Mumford was in Not Safe For Work, and she totally grabbed me in that low-budget movie, then Christmas with Holly - oh, that was awesome. She did excellent job here, and I sure hope to see more of her in Hallmark's holiday stories(Though, for this particular movie - the Dalai Lama part was a tad bit redundant. Just saying). Master Stahl-David... his performance with Master Zoe Kazan in In Your Eyes totally inspired a new story out of me, and in here, his chemistry with Mumford was really amazing. However, even with these amazing protagonists(even with Legendary Master Bill Shatner), of course the top spotlight stealer goes to Master Christopher Lloyd - I seriously did not expect to see him here, and I can't even begin to describe the excitement whenever I even think about his line; "Time travel?" Reference to Back to the Future - man, already made me excited with his cameo in A Million Ways to Die in the West, and now here - top score. The story goes really great: it's really helpful(even with all warnings against knowing too much about the future) to see what happens(or what would happen) in the next few years, to actually know the every step of your way, the ramifications every move you make would bring... then go back to the point of origin, and do things in according to your true self's heart. It's like the story Big Fish - the boy saw how he would die in the future, and learned that he would survive everything else that he came across - it's very helpful. Gosh, I just love so much about these Hallmark stories. Hope they never end. Fantastic work from this kind, open-minded twenty-five-year-old here in China, and may the wonders never fade, and the arrows of Cupid always aim true and find their marks. Congratulations.

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