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Rajan Zachariah is a Circle Inspector of Police and he is working in the Palakkad District. He is going to a village situated in the Kerala-Karnataka border to investigate a murder case that is very important to him.


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Release: Jul 07, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Kasaba full movie review - "A One-Man Show By The Megastar"

Kasaba was the most-awaited flick from mollywood this festival season for varied reasons,may it be the excitement of Megastar donning the role of a mischievous cop,the abundan

ce of pre-release trolls involving its posters,the leaked teaser and of course the specialty of being the launch vehicle of Renji Panicker's son Nithin Renji Panicker.Expectations were naturally high and reflected in the first day rush that was unseen for a mollywood movie in recent times.

Megastar enrobing police uniform isn't something new,but the actor has managed to bring out some factor of freshness on every occasion,the same being the case with his portrayal of our hero C.I Rajan Sakharia in Kasaba,an easy going inspector who is far from being an ideal archetype of the uniform.The freshness that he brings to the character is unmatchable and the inherent traits of being a verbal womanizer has been portaryed excellently well by Mammookka.Even though the quirky characterization,style of walking and body language of Mammooty reminded me of Salman Khan in Dabangg,Nithin can be proud of the fact that he could establish the character with required thrills and intensity.

The movie started of slow,but gained pace by the intro of Mammookka and reached top gear by the second arrival of Rajan Sakharia which is without doubt the best sequence in the movie.The writing is old school and sticks to usual conventionalities,but the abundance of catchy one-liners spread through the narration added with the energetic act by megastar manages to cover-up the loopholes in the screenplay at least to some extent that the average mass audience may leave the cinema halls satisfactorily.

The pace of the movie is an issue that should have been checked as the movie feels drawn-out even though the running time is just around 135 minutes.There aren't any twists or turns in the storyline and the factor of excitement is solely created upon the mannerisms and one-liners given out by the Megastar,a reason why the movie couldn't triumph in terms of overall expectation is concerned.The action sequences were choreographed well and received good applause from the crowd.The abundance of male chauvinistic and derogatory lines about women may prove contrary for the appeal among at least a section of the family audience.

Coming to the performances,it was one such movie where every other actor turned a shadow under the immense screen presence of Mammooty.The energy that he instills to the character in this age will keep anyone spellbound.Varalakshmi Sharathkumar proved was the best choice for the role of Kamala and did her part well.Sampath played the role of antagonist Nambiar convincingly.Jagadeesh gave a noteworthy performance.Among others,Maqbool Salman,Siddique,Irshad etc did their part well.

There is only one song in the movie,an item number that could'nt make much impact,but the background score by Rahul Raj was thrilling and suiting the theme of the narration.Frames by Sameer Haq were good.

Overall,Kasaba is a mass festival entertainer aimed at the fans of the Megastar in particular.

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