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Kill Command 2016 full movie online free

Set in a near future, technology-reliant society that pits man against killing machines.


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Release: May 13, 2016

IMDb: 4.1

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Kill Command full movie review - This Film is BadAss.

I really enjoyed this film I thought it was Dark Gritty and intense!. This is sci-fi Action done the right way.the film has quite a lot of Action in it and there were a lot of fun chase scenes.

I liked the story and I thought the directing was very solid.The story may not be mind blowing or original but I still liked it,I found it interesting. the film has a dark atmosphere to it which I also liked.there is a lot of tension throughout The film which I liked too. The script was okay but nothing special. What makes this film fun to watch is the Action scenes with the robots. I thought all of those scenes were very well done.also The Guns the soldiers used were very cool looking.

The film takes place in the near future when technology reliant society has created killing machines. an elite army unit is helicoptered in to a remote, off-the-grid island training facility, to test the capabilities of the latest prototypes. They set up positions and make short work of the AI targets in the killing field. However, things go wrong and the next day they find themselves in the killing field and the tables have turned. The marines fight to survive on an island that is overrun by intelligent Robots far beyond their predecessors, which learns from their every move.

I though the characters were okay.You may not know much about the characters to start with but they grew on me and by the end I actually liked most of them.I really liked the Robot lady too I thought she was a cool and interesting character and she helped the soldiers fight the Robots.I liked that they were all on the same side and I liked that they stuck together and fought as a team. I've always liked films where the main characters stick together and help each other fight.I personally think that makes the characters more likable. I thought Vanessa Kirby gave a good performance, she was good as the Half human half Robot.I also liked her special ability to shut down machines and hack machines by using her eyes, I thought that was very cool.

I thought the acting was Okay from everyone and I thought the Actor that played Captain Bukes was good in his role, I liked him and found his character believable.I thought he kicked Ass at the end of the film when he Fights the Leader Robot. The Robots were very strong but Captain Bukes put up a good fight. The Robot lady also put up a good fight and she has a cool moment at the end of the film. I thought the special effects of the Machines were very good.the effects were so good the machines looked real. I also like the look of the Killing machines I thought they were scary looking as well as cool looking. I also liked the music I thought it was dark and epic especially the music at the end credits.I also thought the sound effects fit in very well with the Action and suspense scenes. The Action at the end of the film was very intense and exciting. Overall I thought it was a good film with good, directing and Action.

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