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Kill Me Three Times 2015 full movie online free

While on a seemingly routine job, a jaded hit man discovers that he's not the only one with his target in the crosshairs.


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Release: Apr 10, 2015

IMDb: 5.3

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Kill Me Three Times full movie review - Nice story intricacy

Charlie Wolfe is a 'fixer' who gets a call to which he answers that he'll be there in an hour. Alice wakes up and arranges an appointment with her dentist Natahn through his wife/assistant Lucy.

But instead, Nathan and Lucy drugged Alice and kidnaps her, all while Wolfe peeks from a far. At the road Nathan stops for gas at Dylan's shop. Nathan and Lucy then put Alice in Lucy's car, set it on fire and let roll into a ravine and explodes. Lucy spots money on Alice's bag and keeps it. The story goes backwards to Alice's husband Jack who's looking jealous at Alice. Lucy is at Jack's and she gives her Wolfe's card. Jack orders Wolfe to tail Alice, who had previously gone from Jack's place with Jack's money. Wolfe finds out and records Alice's affair with Dylan. The next day Wolfe shows the video to Jack, who gets angry and orders Wolfe to kill Alice.

Meanwhile, Lucy accepts Alice's call and then reassures Nathan of his will to their plan. A policeman Bruce, who has been extorting money from Nathan and Lucy, comes and muscles out Nathan's payment commitment. Wolfe follows Alice for the kill and he spot Nathan and Lucy on their scheme. It's shown that Alice actually wakes up and avoided the explosion. Nathan and Alice quarrels about Alice's money but they keep at last. Wolfe meets Jack confirming Alice's death. Bruce finds Lucy's burning car and comes extorting extra money from Nathan. Nathan receives an anonymous message of someone seeing them carrying Alice's body. He then sets up a meeting with the sender, who is Wolfe. At the meeting Wolfe ends up killing Nathan, saying to him that he'll complete the work by killing Lucy. Wolfe comes to collect his payment from Jack, Jack finds that his money is gone and assumes Alice has taken it.

The next day, Dylan comes barging in asking about Alice disappearing. Dylan ends up killing Jack and leaves. Wolfe comes to Jack's after killing Nathan, only to find Jack dead. Bruce comes and finds Wolfe with Jack's corpse and Wolfe kills him. Dylan didn't really leave, and he follows Wolfe as soon as Wolfe come out of Jack's. Wolfe arrives at Natahn and Lucy's, where its revealed that Wolfe and Lucy had been conspiring together to get all the money, even though Lucy curses him for killing Nathan, which disabling them from claiming the insurance money from killing Alice. They quarrel, and Wolfe says he's leaving her. At the door Dylan comes pointing a gun at Wolfe, but Wolfe slaps Dylan's hand, making him shoot Lucy dead. Wolfe shoots Dylan, but only hitting his shoulder. Alice comes out of nowhere and clobbers Wolfe with an axe. Alice and Dylan leaves with Jack's money.

The story is very intricate even though it's only about the relationships of only a few characters.Maybe it's because the not-so- good acting level, or maybe because the overwhelming scoring, or then again maybe it's just me but all the characters strike as devious ones even from the very start.

It's quite strange that having Simon Pegg on board, and also his role is a significant character, yet this movie can only achieve quite a low overall at the comedic side. It's so because the movie feels so serious and only Pegg's role has his character filled with humor. Sad to say, the humor mostly centers in Charlie Wolfe's dialog lines, which makes it so predictable after a few minutes into the movie.

The movie somehow also tries a bit at Tarantino-styled blood and gore kill scenes. The scenes with Bruce and Lucy dying, and also the fight between Nathan and Wolfe feel very much like a tribute to Tarantino's preferences. But suffice to say that this effort also wanes out because by doing so the movie makes it clear that it doesn't really have a single focus of what to present to audience. Is it the intricate story, those blood and gore kills, or Pegg's humor?

The overall acting is not so good in my opinion. Simon Pegg's performance is the most fluent acting job in this movie. Teresa Palmer and Sullivan Stapleton are quite nice to see but they really lack the face expressions to convey their roles' characters. Callan Mulvey and Alice Braga as experienced names also didn't put out better acting as they should, let alone Luke Hemsworth.

My say for Kill Me Three Time (2014) is only a score of 5/10. Is it entertaining? For me the intricacy of the story is enough to make this movie feel entertaining, despite all it's flaws. Unfortunately I won't be giving a recommendation to go and see it in the cinemas. Save your money instead.

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