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Killer Rack 2015 full movie online free

Comedy about a woman suffering from low self esteem who gets breast enhancement surgery, unaware that her surgeon worships H.P. Lovecraft's elder gods, and the surgery is part of a diabolical plot to rule the world.


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Release: Oct 14, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Killer Rack full movie review - Hysterical!

This movie was hysterical! First off, I appreciated the stereotyping behind the storyline...that women with smaller breasts are more self conscious and in some instances at a disadvantage; whether it be at work, with friends, or even with their boyfriend.

Unfortunately this is a true fact in our society...think of Hooters Restaurants.

Then, after the main character undergoes unnecessary humiliation that had nothing to do with her as a person, she gets her "beast" I mean "breast enhancement."

The entire movie is hilarious. We laughed the entire time. But it also hits hard on the issue of looks, and how people put such an emphasis on it...even to the point of bullying. But in the end self-preservation wins over evil.

The special effects were great. The music was awesome. Casting great. Some of the side characters were super funny as well.

All in all, great performances, directing and production.

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