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Killing Jesus 2015 full movie online free

A miniseries chronicling the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

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Release: Mar 29, 2015

IMDb: 4.0

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Killing Jesus full movie review - Graven Image

Future Christian savior Jesus Christ is born in Jerusalem (off screen, significantly, as explained below), which drives jealously royal Kelsey Grammar (as Herod) into fits of rage.

God has spoken to Mr. Grammar in a dream, so the Roman ruler knows Jesus is the real deal. Advisors call it sorcery, but Grammar isn't taking any chances. He decides to stop "The Baby Jesus" dead in his tracks. Grammar and his family fail, of course, and we jump the decades to meet darkly attractive carpenter Haaz Sleiman (as Jesus). He is baptized by Abhin Galeya (as John), and we're off and running...

"This story is inspired by Biblical accounts of the life and times of Jesus. It includes graphic images that may be unsuitable for some viewers"...

If you're reading this, you likely know how this basics of this story. This version is based on the 2013 best-seller "Killing Jesus" by Bill O'Reilly (with Martin Dugard). A former tabloid ("Inside Edition") newsreader, Mr. O'Reilly became one of the big bloviating stars of Rupert Murdoch's "FOX News" network. O'Reilly touted himself as an unbiased independent for years, but has recently retreated from that self-description. From the beginning, the sneaky talk-show host obviously favored Conservative Republicans. His conservative Christianity has also become more evident. O'Reilly and FOX annually lament the "War on Christmas," orchestrated by wicked liberals...

The above is relevant to "Killing Jesus" because what you have depicted, in this movie, is The New Testament from a Christian Conservative prospective. Note how the story opens with King Herod dreaming about the birth of Jesus. There are no wise men. There is no star. There are no farm animals. There is no nativity scene. Here, it is more important to see the Roman politician than the birth of Jesus Christ to homeless parents in a manger. The focus is on Jewish and Roman politicians' efforts to kill Jesus. The Romans and Jews are "big government" and Jesus would prefer to cut taxes. Yes, Jesus arrived to save us from tax-collectors. You get the picture...

One important detail about "Killing Jesus" is that writer-producer O'Reilly has stated he received input on the work directly from God...

O'Reilly revealed his self-described "gifts" while promoting the book. Although he was visited by "The Holy Spirit," the divine O'Reilly downplayed his role as a prophet, saying he was, "one of many." This is relevant to "Killing Jesus" because this version of the story is so uninspiring. They've got a nice location and an authentic cast, but wasted them for the first two thirds. As for the last act, the beauty of the Christ story is not in the Crucifixion, but in the Resurrection. This movie spends most of its bloody time on the former, and only a blessed few moments on the latter.

** Killing Jesus (3/29/15) Christopher Menaul ~ Haaz Sleiman, Joe Doyle, Stephen Moyer, Kelsey Grammar

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