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Offended by his paltry paycheck, Sean Paul Lockhart falls out with the owner, director, and producer of the label that made his famous Cobra video. When the newly minted sex symbol attracts the attentions of a cash-strapped pair of rival producers and performers an all out porn turf war ensues.


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Release: Apr 16, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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King Cobra full movie review - James Franco: Please Stop Exploiting Gay People

In an article in Variety that James Franco urged Justin Kelly to work on another film and together they decided to create 'King Cobra.

' Bear in mind that Both Franco and Kelly are the creators of the film 'I Am Michael' which does nothing than to promote ex-gay therapy as a legitimate option for homosexuals who are plagued with the false idea that they can change their sexual orientation.

'King Cobra' by Franco and Kelly is another missed opportunity and another example why they are nothing more than self-serving gay exploiters. Being GAY IS MORE THAN SEX. There are a lot of poignant stories to tell of great gay men and women but all Franco and Kelly find relevant to share with the public is a story centered on GAY SEX. Their last project about 'I Am Michael' did nothing more than to mislead people that HOMOSEXUALITY IS A CHOICE AND SO GAYS CAN CHANGE THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTATION IF THEY WANT TO and now, with their latest, 'King Cobra,' the public is being retaught that being gay is all about porn, sex, drugs and death.

Just recently the president of the Philippines saw it correct to hurl anti-gay abuse at the US ambassador; this goes to show that gay people around the world have yet to achieve equality and the right to be seen and respected as human beings, yet Franco and Kelly see it appropriate at this time when gay people are just getting some social justice in America, to make films which only serve to pull gays back into the gutter of negative stereotypes. From the article in Variety, it is clear their motivation to produce 'King Cobra' was not borne out of a deep concern to uplift gay people or to help the gay community. 'King Cobra' was inspired by a group of well-to-do men having too much time on their hands.

They do not understand or care about the plight of homosexuals around the world; they live in a Hollywood bubble which makes them insensitive to the concerns of real people. One of the actors, Christian Slater, said in Variety that he has never played a homosexual and that he did not want to bring any stereotypical nonsense to the role, but that is an irony because the entire film is based on stereotypes: you can't get any more stereotypical than gay porn.

The Variety article states "Franco's character is a wacky, violent, gold chain-wearing porn kingpin, with a series of graphic, campy sex scenes with his gullible partner Harlow, played by Allen.'

"We could go pretty large with our characters, they are pretty ridiculous," Franco said. "Justin Kelly calls them G.T.L. ? gym, tan, laundry ? kind of guys. That's all they do, go to the gym, tan, and do their laundry."

It is clear from the tone in the above excerpt that Franco has yet to understand the demise of gay people. Franco is a self-serving opportunist.

James Franco is a bright and resourceful man, therefore, he must be aware of the negative stereotypes plaguing the gay community and the misconceptions that being gay is a choice and they can change if they want. However, we do not see James investing in an effort to combat those stereotypes or misconceptions by telling stories in films that show gays to be regular humans who are your neighbors, your teachers, your creators, your friends; all James cares to do is to capitalize on and to promote the negative views which continue to demonize the gay community.

It is really sad that so many gay people and allies support James Franco to the point he was given an award for being an ally. This is truly sickening. If we continue to support Franco's and Kelly's irresponsible gay-themed films which serve to give missiles to homophobic groups, then when they go on to produce the Jerry Sandusky story, who will stop the anti-gay camp from interpreting it as a legitimate point that Homosexuality = Paedophilia? Therefore, the Gay Community needs to distant itself from Franco and Kelly and do not let the public think these men are allies.

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