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Kobe Bryant's Muse 2015 full movie online free

Documentary that goes behind the stats to reveal the story of Kobe Bryant's basketball career, exploring the mentorships, allies and rivalries that have helped shape his stellar 18-year tenure in the NBA, and offering access to his daily experiences, his lifelong inspirations and the battle with his greatest personal challenge yet


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Release: Feb 28, 2015

IMDb: 8.0

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Kobe Bryant's Muse full movie review - When Do You Know When It's Time?

I don't watch a ton of documentaries but I try to catch them when they concern things or people I'm interested in. So when I heard about the Showtime documentary involving Kobe Bryant, I knew I wanted to check it out.

I have been a fan of him for a long time and specifically remember dropping 70-80 points with him in NBA 2k so I've been looking to find out more about his personal life and his road to being one of the greatest players in NBA history.

Most documentaries take the approach of finding many people close to the central figure in the story, and getting several interviews to comment on that particular person. Instead with 'Muse', we only get Bryant's story from his perspective. At first, I thought this would take away from the credibility of the piece, but it turns out it added to the emotional gravitas of the film. I will say when the film got less serious and focused on basketball, I would have liked former players, columnists, or coaches to shed some light on the Black Mamba. The film focuses a lot on his rehabilitation of his Achilles tear in the 2013 playoffs. It's an interesting approach and it's a great example of a man doing everything he can to keep fulfilling his dream. Kobe is a rare type of a player and person in the NBA. Him and Michael Jordan are two of the most competitive and relentless players the league has ever seen, and this documentary was a good template in showing those particular qualities.

Luckily the film used a lot of archive footage showcasing Kobe during his early years as a high school phenom in Philadelphia all the way up until his several championship years with the Lakers. It was also nice to see him open up about his personal problems throughout the film. You don't usually get to see that side of athletes and I'm glad they didn't set out to make Kobe a godlike creature, although anyone who scores as easily as he does is near godlike. So 'Muse' showed multiple facets of Kobe's life and gave us the best in depth look at his career yet. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes Kobe or just loves basketball, and the road to becoming great.

+Kobe opens up

+Archive footage

+Different approach to doc

-Still wanted more interviews with other people involved


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