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Landmine Goes Click 2015 full movie online free

After an American tourist steps on a landmine, he is forced to watch his girlfriend get assaulted.


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Release: Mar 03, 2015

IMDb: 6.1

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Landmine Goes Click full movie review - Here Comes the Boom

If horror films has taught us anything, its that teenagers should never backpack across Europe. EVER. Because the locals are crazy, and in the case of Landmine Goes Click, they will play sadistic games that will leave you determined to seek vengeance.

The editing of this film is weird and tries new things occasionally which work kind of well like the layered half faded in shots in the trench and the quick cuts when handling the landmine. For the bulk of the film the shots are long and allow things to play out in what looks to be one take. Not very complicated work for the editor, but for the actors, this gives them the opportunity to shine.

Speaking of acting, The film's lead, Sterling Knight, gives a pretty good performance in this film. Taking on a role far different from the ones he's played on Disney Channel, Knight goes from a scared kid to an unhinged sort of psychopath hellbent on that sweet sweet vengeance. It's Knight's vengeful psycho that shows off his acting ability and drives the latter part of the film. Now the bad, the rest of the acting wasn't particularly bad as it is as expected of a horror film with teenage protagonists. One issue I had with this film was understanding the character Ilya. The man speaks English but he doesn't speak English very clearly which left me, as well as Chris and Alisha, confused as to what the guy was on about.

The cinematography of this film was interesting if a tad repetitive. Starting with a lot of drone/ crane shots that were overused in the films start but still an interesting use of long shots. One thing to point out about the cinematography is focus. Some shots dip in and out of focus and the focus in the opening credits was really strange. I don't know if this was intentional so if it is then so be it sorry for not getting the meaning.

Revenge is the motivation. Revenge is the driving force of this film and of many characters within it. As well as revenge, Landmine Goes Click is filled with a lot of mental, emotional and physical torture that makes up the films 100 minute run time. This isn't a horror in the scary sense or even gory sense for that matter, its a sadistic horror that documents people with little remorse and humanity committing horrific and psychopathic acts upon others, like a tamer version of I Spit On Your Grave and Funny Games.

This film leaves things rather unexplained as the fates of several characters are either poorly explained or just left out. For example, what happened to Daniel? Like this guy is the reason they are there in the first place so you would think Chris would come back for him too. Nope. Also, I assume that Alisha died as she didn't look alive when we last see her, but then Chris says how she was sorta alive as he carried her... and you don't really hear the end of that story so I guess she died?

The film also suffers from logic issues as teen horror films often do. For example the hole that id dug for Chris. Firstly its too close to the Landmine so I don't really see the purpose of it and why is it behind Chris? Like he can't move and see it so wouldn't it be better to dig it where he can actually see and jump too?

Overall, Landmine Goes Click is revenge filled, torture horror flick with the formulaic set up and logic fails of most teen horrors... But what this film also has is a good lead performance and interesting camera and editing techniques attempted throughout. But one thing is safe to say, if you are planning to backpack across Europe like many a dumb horror movie teenager, best not give Georgia a visit.

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