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Late Shift 2016 full movie online free

Matt, a smart student, has to prove his innocence after being forced to take part in a bold heist at a famous London auction house. The consequences take him on a journey across London to escape the twisted web he finds himself caught in, discover the truth and gain his retribution. How will the audience decide to act when everything is turning against him?


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Release: Mar 10, 2016

IMDb: 10.0

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Late Shift full movie review - Late Shift – The Movie Where You Are the Hero

What if you had the power to decide for Johnny or Billy in that Hollywood flick you saw recently? Would you have returned to the scene of the crime after successfully getting away the first time?

Would you return home to get your grandfather's watch while murderous mobsters are looking for you? Tobias Weber's Late Shift allows you to make these choices.

Shot in London and released in 2016, the Swiss production is being called the first ever interactive film ? the movie where you can be the hero. Remember those books when you were a kid? If Optimus Prime should just transform and roll out, go to page 84.If he should stay and fight Megatron, go to page 32. Well, Weber and his crew have brought the you-be-the-hero theme to the silver screen and your mobile device ? and it is one very unique and game changing experience. What will amaze you the most is the seamlessness of the whole process. There are absolutely no pauses or lags while you are making your choices that would make it feel like a video game. The result is an authentic film viewing experience.

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