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Lavalantula 2016 full movie online free

Giant lava breathing tarantulas – Lavalantulas – erupt out of ancient volcanos in the Santa Monica Mountains, raining death and destruction upon Los Angeles. With the City of Angels on the verge of incineration, only a washed up ‘90s action hero actor (Steve Guttenberg) stands in the way of this monstrous swarm of bloodthirsty creatures who burn their victims alive.


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Release: Mar 01, 2016

IMDb: 5.3

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Lavalantula full movie review - Enjoyable B movie nonsense, a real fun time!

LAVALANTULA is a pretty nifty B movie monster flick which despite it's title is NOT produced by B movie hack studio THE ASYLUM & is actually quiet fun for genre fans.

The acting works, surprisingly so considering the plot. STEVEN GUTTENBERG plays the main hero of the film & is joined by his former POLICE ACADEMY co-stars MARION RAMSAY, LESLIE EASTBROOK & MICHAEL WINSLOW, in their attempts to take down the beasts & save themselves from becoming melted down spider food & it was great fun seeing them all on screen together for the first time since POLICE ACADEMY 4 & in a really fun/funny moment, Winslow even pays tribute to his "Motor Mouth Jones" character from those movies, by grabbing a microphone & doing various sound effects & voices while sitting in the passenger seat of a truck en-route to try & stop the deadly predators! Here Guttenberg plays a faded, troubled former A list Hollywood action star turned direct to video B movie action star - Colton West, who despite his predicament, still remains in the public eye through a series of mishaps, such as getting arrested for drunk & disorderly conduct & various other arrests. When he gets stuck in a freeway traffic jam after being fired off the set of his latest action flick, he witnesses a volcano erupt, in the Santa Monica Mountains which spews forth vicious, nasty tempered fire spitting "Lavalantula's" that toast their victims literally! & seem to be multiplying by the minute as they are popping out of holes burned into the pavement by the hot lava. When L.A. begins to be evacuated, Colton soon realizes that in order to survive the attacks, he's going to have to take on his B movie tough guy persona & action movie techniques, springing into action & travelling across L.A. to save his young son & his martial arts trainer wife from the menace, first by stealing a tourist bus, which includes his biggest fan & a bus load of non English speaking tourists, who are utterly convinced that they are taking part in one of his action movies & then teaming with a Johnny Depp/Pirates of The Caribbean dressed former stuntman & a scientist who has insights into the creatures & then his film crew & finally to his superhero suit(!) to stop them.

I'll be honest, I really wasn't expecting to much from LAVALANTULA, when I first set down to watch it, I thought it would be just an okay time passer at best, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I wound up enjoying it! I really had a good time with LAVALANTULA, it was a nice fun little B movie that certainly deserved more recognition than what it has received (especially considering the B movie hack work churned out by bad B movie company THE ASYLUM whose films seems to get plenty of recognition & are nowhere near as fun as this movie) the film has a fun plot & plenty of humorous moments & many well executed scenes of spider carnage on hand, that should please fans. Director MIKE MENDEZ does a fabulous job behind the camera, capturing all the carnage at the right angles & managing to keep the film on par at a fast pace. The CGI spiders don't look cheap at all, in fact their fairly impressive. Despite it's subject matter, the film has plenty of comedy on hand as well, however unlike most genre films of this nature, the comedy is actually funny.

All in all I highly recommend LAVALANTULA for fans looking for a really fun movie, grab a group of friends, sit back & have a fun time! Look fast for BEVERLY HILLS 90210/SHARKNADO star IAN ZIERRING in a cameo role playing himself.

***1/2 stars out of **** stars

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