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In the late 1970's, the SETI project received a one time signal from outer space. It looked exactly as theorists thought a communication from an alien civilization would -- unfortunately it has never been decoded. Or so we were told. Unbeknownst to the general public the signal was translated and told us two things: 1) We are not alone. 2) The galaxy is a dangerous place.


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Release: Jan 27, 2016

IMDb: 5.7

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Lazer Team full movie review - terrific popcorn thriller, Lazer Team is tense, taut, energetic and surprisingly hilarious with excellent performances from Michael, Gavin, Colton and Burnie.

Lazer Team is the best Fantastic Four movie of the year and one of the best action movies in the history of action cinema. Where the big comic book movie failed, this comedy actually has teamwork, cool action and it's fun.

It's a terrific popcorn thriller and the best full feature- length film Rooster Teeth has ever created.

When the king Antareans warn us of an impending alien attack, Earth trains Adam (Alan Ritchson) his entire life to be our defender. The Antareans send down a power suit Adam is supposed to wear to fight the Worg, but the suit doesn't make it to Adam. Instead, inept cop Hagan (Burnie Burns), cocky jock Zach (Michael Jones), stoner Woody (Gavin Free) and has-been athlete Herman (Colton Dunn) get the suit in four parts, and they're literally stuck on them. So Adam has only a few days to train these losers to be the Lazer Team.

The plot is mysterious and suspenseful to get the audience's attention. The 3D visual effects and computer generated imagery are spectacular, realistic, it's like you're IN the movie (literally) and it;'s one of the best visuals and CG ever made in movies. It's even better than the animation of Yogi Bean and the Alvin and the Chipmunks film series. The 3D VFX is amazing as the 3D visuals of The Spongebob SquarePants Movie: Sponge Out Of Water and Ang Lee's 2012 adventure survival film Life of Pi. The visuals, however are not the only factor that make this film shine like a shiny laser.

The cast's performances were all well done, thanks to Matt Hullam's amazing direction. It includes two members from Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter, Michael Jones and Gavin Free. The main cast consisting of Colton Dunn and Burnie Burns along with Michael Jones and Gavin Free truly make this team the brightest team to face the wrath of mankind's darkest hour. They truly stand out in their roles and undoubtedly make one of the best Fantastic Four protagonists to ever exist and expressively prove that their triumph was no fluke but amazing and excellent performances. The supporting cast is also very good. The director chose an excellent cast and the wisecracks aren't too reliant on cringe or slapstick, enough to make the audience laugh and also feel tense during the climax.

The character development is also quite interesting as director Matt Hullam has these four dolts/idiots substantially rise in rank from losers to famous worldwide heroes. Although they make an amazing and excellent team of heroes in science fiction, the plot however seems to be somewhat based from the 1996 film Independence Day as in that film and this film has the human heroes defeat the alien invasion. Nonetheless, it still deliverers the audience with a dazzling and entertaining popcorn thriller.

They manage to get some real heart-touching moments in there too, especially with a father/daughter story between Hagan and his daughter Mindy (Alexandria DeBerry). The four members of Lazer Team don't get along for some real reasons and the film allows them to have their moments too where they try to bond and be best friends. Adam has some understandable animosity towards the Lazer Team stealing his suit as well, so he gets to have real character growth.

A few of the early jokes really don't land, and even go so far as to explain the joke to the audience (the difference between a drunk tank and dunk tank is explicit). When Zachary gets tazed and falls in the pool, I thought it would be funny if the whole pool ended up zapped, but that's not the joke. I thought he would get electrocuted. I also wondered what happened to Gavin's British accent as he sounds American without his helmet.

The mood starts when the training begins. Lazer Team is one of the most critically, commercially and financially successful films of Rooster Teeth, having funded over $2.4 million in a month through the Indiegogo campaign. It has made it's first world release on September 24, 2015 at Fantastic Fest, USA and it's second Canadian premiere in Toronto, Canada on October 16, 2015 at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival and has received largely acclaim from critics, which has truly amazed me. It will soon have it's European premiere at Film4 FrightFest on October 24, 2015 a week before Halloween 2015.

Overall, The Rooster Teeth team has no problem expanding from Red Vs. Blue to a full length feature. The story does everything it's supposed to: establish the characters, build them up through training montages, and escalate the threat. Everything looks right. The military and football scenes in particular look legit. Director Matt Hullum and cinematographer Philip Roy use really elegant camera moves to make it look epic, except for a few shots that are intentionally shaky. The visual effects are supposed to be a tad cheesy, but they're plentiful and really spectacular as they blast aliens, run with super boots and go invisible with stealth.

In conclusion, this film is slightly flawed at a few parts but overall quite fascinating. It's a job well done to Director Matt Hullam, the rest of the Rooster Teeth team and the visual effects team and this film deserves a five out of five stars. Terrific camera movements, spectacular and realistic visual effects and computer generated imagery and excellent performances from the lead cast: Michael, Gavin, Colton and Burnie make this film a terrific popcorn filled entertainer. It truly deserves a sequel. I wonder what Lazer Team 2's lot will include but whatever it is, it should live up to it's prequel and become a faithful and entertaining sequel like Rio 2 and Sponge out of Water. Colton, Michael, Gavin and Burnie should reprise their roles and I hope Matt Hullam will return as director.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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