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Le Gouffre 2015 full movie online free

Le Gouffre is a 10-min 3D animated short film about two travelers who undertake the construction of a gigantic bridge in order to cross a gulf blocking their way. It was animated, directed and produced by Lightning Boy Studio, a small independent team of three animators living in Montreal, Canada. The project took more than two years of full-time work to complete and was mostly self-financed, getting access to outside funding only at the very end of the production.


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Release: Feb 06, 2015

IMDb: 9.3

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Le Gouffre full movie review - Limited scope but the animation and score both ensure it delivers on it really well

One of the things that I like about the world of short film is that, although some will really deliver a full package to you, often it is more than good enough that the film puts its head down and focuses on doing its thing well, even if other aspects perhaps do not get much of a look in.

This is the case with Le Gouffre, a film that offers very little in terms of narrative but yet draws the viewer in with a well delivered scene that builds the dramatic aspect well. Essentially two travelers come to massive gorge with seemingly no way across ? a few planks of an old bridge remain, but not of any real use. While a skeptical village looks on, the two resolve to cross the bridge by building their own structure.

All of this is played out in animation, without any dialogue, and without any explanation of character beyond some basic thematic things of determination, inspiration, sacrifice, and hope. The structure of the film is really just the building of this bridge, and it is played out in such a way that you are drawn into the simplicity of the tale ? it is a massive obstacle but two put their hearts into making the crossing while a young girl looks on, inspired beyond her own small world. Of course the animation is the thing that will grab you from the start, because it is very impressive even before you learn it is from a group of independent students who raised the funds on Kickstarter; it looks great, has good movement and is very cinematic in what it does. However for me just as important was the music ? because this is where you get drawn into the story.

The credits list this as being Dan and Deryn Cullen, and they deserve a lot of credit because the score really works well to set the tone, and allow the story to build and swell in the way it does. The film may not build a story or character to draw you in, but with the music and the snappy, fast paced delivery of the events, it does it with the music and the cinematic animation. For sure this means it will not work for those looking for it to do more, but the style of delivery is very successful, and it makes for an engaging piece that delivers in the way it aims to.

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