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Legacy 2015 full movie online free

Comedy - What do you do when the party of the year kicks you to the curb? Simple... create your own! When Sean (Franz Drameh, Attack the Block) and his friends are refused entry to the night of their year, they embark on a mission to stage a monster event, whilst at the same time taking down the opposition. - Franz Drameh, Amy Tyger, McKell David


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Release: Jun 19, 2015

IMDb: 4.8

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Legacy full movie review - Laziness of filmmakers hurts it big time

The blooper reel at the end of 'Legacy' sums it up in a way. It's there, but there's no real reason for it.

None of the clips shown as bloopers are particularly funny or memorable and yet here they are keeping us watching for an extra 90 seconds or so. The movie's much the same. A lot of the movie is nothing more than filler as they try desperately to scratch their way to 90 minutes.

It's a strange film in a lot of ways. You can tell it was intended as an "Inbetweeners meets Project X" but it falls well short on both counts. None of the characters have any charm or charisma (and rarely manage to actually make us laugh) and the party the whole film is based around is about as dull as you could possibly imagine. Another character who opposes the party even makes fun of how lame the party looks (balloons - are you kidding me?)

The filmmakers were clearly given free-range over the amount of nudity that was allowed to be included and boy did they take full advantage. There's gratuitous nudity and then there's - well this. I have no problem with nudity being shown but at least try and write it in a moderately clever way rather than characters simply being naked for the hell of it.

I think that's what sums up the whole thing is just the laziness of how it's all put together. Not enough time is spent trying to make us laugh and the times the script does try it lacks actors with the ability to pull it off. The pacing of the movie is also off and things (especially the party) really drag because of this. The ending is unsatisfactory (after all the gratuitous things included they cut out what would have been a very satisfying fight scene) which I can only put down to even more laziness on the filmmakers part. All in all a disappointing effort.

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