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Life 2015 full movie online free

In 1955, young photographer Dennis Stock develops a close bond with actor James Dean while shooting pictures of the rising Hollywood star.


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Release: Jul 24, 2015

IMDb: 5.9

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Life full movie review - Interesting but not that entertaining! 4/10

Review: I wasn't that impressed with this movie because it seemed to drag after a while and the main characters were quite depressing.

The only reason why I didn't fall asleep is because I wanted to know how Dennis Stock took those amazing shots of James Dean, which have become iconic. The whole film is based around that brief period when Dennis is trying to get the perfect photographs for Life magazine, so there isn't much depth to the characters. When you see the real pictures at the end, it is quite emotional, especially after watching there brief journey together but the whole pace and feel of the movie isn't that great. The storyline is quite simple! Robert Pattinson plays photographer, Dennis Stock who goes to a celebrity party to take pictures and he bumps into upcoming star James Dean, (Dane DeHaan) who he finds interesting as a person and really wants to photograph. After convincing his boss, John Morris (Joel Edgerton) that James Dean is going to be a star, he goes ahead with the assignment before the release of East of Eden. James agrees to the assignment and they both become friends, while John is taking pictures of James whilst travelling from Los Angeles to New York and to Indiana. John gets to see the many different sides of James Dean but he has his own personal problems, especially with his young son, from his ex-girlfriend, who he very rarely sees. After there 2 week road trip together, James Dean becomes a huge star, after the release of East of Eden and Dennis Stock pictures, during that period, become a big hit. 7 months later, James Dean sadly dies in a car accident, which enhances the popularity of the photographs. To this day, the photographs are still as popular as ever, worldwide and they captured a time in both of there life's, when they didn't know what path that was yet to come. The director didn't set out to make a biopic about James Dean but you can't help wanting to know more about his life at that period. Everybody knows that he died in a car accident at a young age, so after seeing such an in depth look into those 2 weeks of them being together, you really want to see the aftermath of how those pictures touched a wide audience after his death. With that aside, Dane DeHaan did play James Dean extremely well but Robert Pattinson just seemed to be acting the same as he has done any many of his previous movies. Anyway, it didn't go down to well with audiences, judging by the movies takings but it's good to see how these famous pictures actually got taken. I can understand why people would find it boring and un-entertaining because it does take some time to get to the point, so it has to get an Average mark from me.

Round-Up: Robert Pattinson, 29, hasn't really made a big impression on the big screen since the Twilight series, which is mainly down to his small range. Water for Elephants and the Rover were decent movies but Map to the Stars, Bel Ami, Cosmopolis and Remember Me, weren't that great. At such a young age, he still has time to pull himself out of the Twilight shadow, like Daniel Radcliffe and Harry Potter but he needs a project that will bring him out of his comfort zone, to show that he really can act. Anyway, this movie was directed by Anton Corbijn, 60, whose mostly known for his music videos, with artist like Depeche Mode, U2, Bryan Adams and Metallica. He also directed Control with Sam Riley, the American with George Clooney and A Most Wanted Man with the late Philip Seymour Hoffman so he has covered many genres behind the camera. This movie really did need something to perk it up, because its very one toned and quite glum in places. I don't know that much about the actually story between James Dean and Dennis Stock, so I can't say how close he was to the true story but if your bringing something to the big screen, you really need to cover a few elements to keep the audience interested, which this movie sadly didn't.

Budget: $15million Worldwide Gross: $1.1million

I recommend this movie to people who are into their biography/dramas starring Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan, Joel Edgerton, Ben Kingsley, Peter Lucas, Lauren Gallagher and Kendal Rae. 4/10

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