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Love Always, Santa 2016 full movie online free

After losing her husband Bradley three years ago on Christmas Day, Celia Banks never thought sheโ€™d fall in love again. Now, her entire world revolves around taking care of her daughter, Lilly. Lilly writes a letter to Santa with one wish โ€“ for her mommy to be happy and find love again.


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Release: Nov 06, 2016

IMDb: 6.0

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Love Always, Santa full movie review - When Santa replied to a little girl's letter.

It's already a Christmas season, the televisions are packed with those themed films. So basically you can't escape from watching at least couple of them in a year.

Now mine begins with this, especially Hallmark's films are special in this trademark. This is another romance themed Christmas film that is set in a little town where a young girl writes a letter to Santa wishing her mother to find love and happiness again. It will be received by a struggling writer, who replies in the name of Santa and so on, they become pen pals. But when he decides to meet them in person, the reality is different than what he thought of them. Between his two identities, revealing what he actually is what becomes challenging. The remaining film is to disclose how the story ends.

Almost all the Christmas films are kind of similar, especially in romance theme. But the conclusions are dead easy to predict, because they always have a happy ending. This story was not bad, particularly in the first half. I lost interest only in the final act, they should have avoided the drag, otherwise this is a decent film. But still it is, particularly for the family audience this would be a much effective film, and to watch during the holiday season. The casting was good, nice production as well. Being a television film, it's not so bad. Since this is the first film I watched in this season, I did find it good and looking forward for other titles. -Love always, me!


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