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Love on the Air 2015 full movie online free

When a radio host gets dumped by her boyfriend on-air and soon has her break up exposed even further by a shock jock, she needs to regain her confidence while working with the same man who humiliated her in front of his viewers.

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Release: Sep 26, 2015

IMDb: 8.0

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Love on the Air full movie review - Above par for Hallmark

I give this an 8 out of 10, on my "hallmark movie scale". That is, sure, it's no Gone With the Wind. But relative to other HMM movies, this was really enjoyable.

Even my husband, who is usually beside me napping/browsing the web, piped up that it was a whole lot better than my usual Sunday afternoon light fare.....

Anyhow, Alison Sweeney has got a real HMM thing going on, and is usually pretty charming and likable -as she is in this one. The lead guy is equally likable, and unlike most HMM movies, does not come across as gay (which, as an aside, is a major problem with this channel's movies - it's hard to get into the chemistry of a budding romance when the lead males are all so painfully, painfully gay. I don't know why HMM does this -- maybe they've tested their audiences and found out that they are drawn to this? But i digress....). The characters here have real chemistry, and great that, unlike so many HMM movies the lead woman actually has a real, successful career - and not just as a ubiquitous "event planner" or "marketing woman" or "wedding coordinator". And nice that she didn't quit said job at the end of the movie, as so many of these leads are inclined to do. Anyhow, just a cute fun movie, well acted, well-written, and pretty much lacking the painful awkward script moments that these movies usually have.

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