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Love on the Sidelines 2016 full movie online free

A down-on-her-luck young woman who falls into a job as a personal assistant to a star quarterback sidelined with an injury. He's never had a female assistant before and she knows nothing about football.


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Release: Jan 16, 2016

IMDb: 4.8

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Love on the Sidelines full movie review - Gotta hand it to Laurel!

Holy football, this was good.

Star of this movie was no doubt Master Emily Kinney; not only for her reputation, but also her core performance. Gotta say, since her first appearance, she's got this "I can do a perfect romantic comedy" vibe. And she did. Her portrayal of Laurel Welk truly brought constant chuckles, and her hair's amazing! Think I'm gonna use her hairstyle my next sketch model.

From Laurel Welk's first appearance and comments on athletes her voice got me smiling I couldn't stop. Laurel's first introduction to Danny Holland - that was bright and funny mixed with a little... badass; she held up amazingly nice against Danny's gender-biased arguments(The Notebook line was an awesome touch). Her comments about "athlete dating model a cliché". Her dog skills reminded me of another Hallmark movie character, Gridley Maxwell(Surprised by Love, 2014). Her encounter with Isaiah totally LIFTED the funny level, and all Isaiah's comment on Laurel was, "I need a new publicist"... ha, ha, ha.

And the comedic fair continues. Against Danny's "Girl" comment Laurel replied with a "Jock" - the mere sound of the word sounds comedic, and spoken from Master Kinney's voice, in that tone - multiple comedic stack-ups. And - wait. Ron Lucas gets Danny's nerve every time he chats with Laurel, even to the point Danny pains to think Ron's seeing Laurel? Think anyone can get what that means. Then a fifty-pound dog food? Sure, "stronger than she looks" - she's Beth from the Walking Dead! Funny carry scene, though.

Date night with Hunter clearly got sabotaged, and Laurel was really like, Dennis from Dennis the Menace, got caught after playing a mischief then nervously say, "hi..." Also, "Trade secret" was truly nice touch.

And later, with the comedic and romance going more balanced, Master Kinney's Laurel character still makes me smile uncontrollably(maybe I smile a lot but it doesn't matter), and that's pretty amazing. And when they hit critical mass and kiss - even though in a movie, with a fictional story, through a screen - sparks still fly, and a romance blast wave still ignites. That's amazing.

This new gig truly made me like Master Kinney. Hope I can see more of her in Hallmark later on - Oh, she's gooood.

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