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In a high-rise apartment young parents Alex and Mahsa live with their seven-year-old daughter Mina. Everything about the family is completely normal, uncomfortably real: Their home, their jobs, her school, the way they hold and love each other. The line between fact and fiction is blurred because THEY ARE A REAL family. Until completely normal turns into what they fear the most. Alex's injury opens the door to a malevolent force that attacks and dismantles the family one person at a time: A violent aggressor determined to prove that possession is real, unconscionably disturbing and very different from how it's depicted in the movies.


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Release: Sep 12, 2015

IMDb: 7.5

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Luciferous full movie review - Review of Luciferous

"Luciferous" is psychological horror film in the vein of "the Shining" for the digital era. It centers around a family who see their seemingly normal life get turned up-side down by a series of events that stand on the verge of the supernatural.

Some years after a tragedy where Dad accidentally killed the entire family of a friend of his, he is apparently attacked by someone or something in the forest, living him in a catatonic state and on a slow path to recovery. As Dad begins his recovery so does as well the perceived supernatural events around him, and it is implied that perhaps there is nothing supernatural about it and that perhaps it is all in Dad's damaged head. In a way the mysterious occurrences that have befallen the family could be a manifestation of a deeply rooted sense of guilt within Dad, since he is sure that the ghastly apparition that has set to haunt him is his old friend out for revenge after the accident claimed his entire family.

"Luciferous" cast is actually a real family, giving the film a sense of realism and true dynamic among them, Mom and Dad do commendable jobs, but it is little Mina who truly steals the show with her riveting performance. The film makes some very smart decisions and is well aware of how much it can actually get away with effectively with the minimum resources it has. Instead of trying to shoot things that are completely out of its league, "Luciferous" makes the smart choice to go for a slow burn and a mounting sense of dread throughout the film, without the need to resort to cheap VFX or make-up, it builds an effective creep factor from some well place shots and clever editing.

At its core, "Luciferous" manages to convey the idea that it is perhaps wiser to fear the living than to fear the dead, and while its final twist may seem completely out of nowhere, it still played a good hand of bait and switch. Always keeping us guessing, whether there is a true demonic presence tormenting this family, or if evil lies closer than we think, right within the human heart.The final twist can be hard to buy, for the film spends so much time diverting our attention somewhere else that it really never takes its time to set up a few clues let us in on what might be happening. It works both against and on its favor, for it never really comes off as predictable. Perhaps the biggest head-scratcher was the true motivations behind the orchestrator of these events, perhaps a bit more build-up to it would have been more cohesive for the twist to work.

"Luciferous" is a great example of creating an effective, slow burn chiller with creativity and awareness of resources, creating a much more organic and grounded horror.

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