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Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight! 2015 full movie online free

The holiday season gets extra chilly as Loki and the frost giant Ymir plot to conquer the world. Marvel heroes Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor and others must stop the villains from stealing Santa's power – if anyone can actually find the mysterious Mr. Claus. Fortunately, Rocket Raccoon and Groot are also hot on Santa's trail. Heroes, villains, elves and cosmic bounty hunters collide in an epic quest that leaves the fate of the holiday and the world in the balance.


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Release: Dec 15, 2015

IMDb: 6.5

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Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight! full movie review - Not interesting as usual.

Admittedly, this is... better than most episode of AA or SMASH, in some spots the animation is not as stiff but it does make it more inconsistent, as was some of the audio sync.

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) was a nice addition, and unlike AA's Black Widow or SMASH's She-Hulk, she has a lot more personality as a female character. She's kind, she's sincere, and she has this uplifting nature and even her own sense of humor when she's interacting with the other heroes. I miss Jennifer Hale, but Grey Griffin did a fine voice as Carol, as was Matthew Mercer, he sounds like a decent stand in for Rodger Craig Smith, though he may have sounded a bit too young sometimes, but he still did a good job portraying the character. Then there's Mick Wingert as Iron Man, very reminiscent to Eric Loomez with his Robert Downy Jr. impression, which I liked since it reminded me of the former's performance back in EMH. Anthony Del Rio, back as Reptil since his role during the SuperHero Squad, never thought I'd hear back from him again, and I didn't think he'd still sound so young. This dude's got range.^^

Steve Blum as Santa... I admit was actually rather good. Didn't think he'd steer away from his usual Steve Blum palate, he was a pretty good Santa Claus. Although, I kind'a wish they got someone other than Fred Tatasciore to play Blizzard King, sounds too remnant to The Hulk, perhaps someone like Neil Kaplan or John Dimaggio for a change, but as usual he's still fine with what he's got.

While I usually do not like the typical AA style banter, Both Captain Marvel and Captain America expressed some pretty solid character personality, especially regarding their childhood history with Santa.

The music for the most part was also very mellow, and there were some bits here that I did find kind'a funny. Mind you I wasn't roaring with laughter, but the few good jokes or lines of dialogue they had, did get a smile out of me.

So, with the positives out of the way, it's time for met to point out the negatives.

While there are some decent bits of animation, most of it is still stilted (Especially with the camera movement.) and again it feels inconsistent when those different animated sequences clash.

Hulk and Thor were being bothersome as usual and I think they may have caused some collateral damage (Hopefully not killing anyone in the process!) and really I felt that bit and the scenes with Rocket Raccoon were just padding.

And again some visuals and audio bits seemed rather out of place in some spots, like with Rocket after the sleigh ride with Mrs. Claus for example.

Tony I'm... kind'a mixed on. There were some bits were he did play it smart with Reptil, and he even had a couple funny lines, but again I just can't steam the AA style of banter he has with the other characters. And Oi I cannot stand the nonsense puns they keep pulling out of their Christmas puns. *Rimshot Drum Beat*

And then there's that forced moral about belief (Which I critically destain against) like with this one moment in the film where Reptil outright says "You don't need proof to believe!"

Uh, yeah dude, you do need proof! You need solid evidence to prove something...Also, Believe?! I'm sorry, but when it comes to proving something true, it's about, Knowing! Not "Believing!"

And btw, let's get something stupid out of the way! The bit where we see Reptil shivering, and Captain Marvel flat out says it's because he's, cold-blooded... Yeah pop cultural consciousness is not kind to zoology, especially when it comes to prehistoric animals like dinosaurs. Look I don't expect everyone to know by now that dinosaurs and most other Mesozoic reptiles were warm-blooded, but anyway here's the real problem I have with that quirk-- Reptil is HUMAN! He's still a human being, which is an ape, which is a primate, which is a mammal; and we all know mammals are Warm-Blooded! So even putting aside the debate as to whether dinosaurs were warm or cold-blooded, Reptil, as a human being is warm-blooded never the less! And even if he was "cold-blooded" then he wouldn't just be shivering, he'd probably be in a state of suspended animation, or at worst the cold might possibly even kill him! Don't you think Reptil, may have been shivering... simply because he's just really cold?!

Ugh, anyway there's also this bit where the Elves apparently listen to Reptil more than the other Avengers because he's younger, and according to them "Youth speaks Truth?" I can't decide if that's either pretentious or just lazy.

Ah well. Anyway, as is, Frost Fight is mediocre at best. Which is not surprise, but at the same time I really wanted to like this special, not only for the new character but because it had some other context which I did find pleasing.

But as is, over all I give it 5/10 starts. Still not a big step up for Marvel Animation, although I will admit I am eager to see the creators tackle something Halloween related.

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