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Maximum Ride 2016 full movie online free

Six children genetically cross-bred with avian DNA, complete with wings, take flight around the country to discover their origins.


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Release: Sep 30, 2016

IMDb: 5.5

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Maximum Ride full movie review - Maximum Ride is a ride indeed

Overall, I found this movie to be very good. Being a fan of the book since I was eleven, I was excited to finally see something made out of the beloved series.

Maximum Ride was what got me into reading, so I had some pretty high expectations. For such a low budget, this movie wasn't half bad. Most of the plot changes made sense, and the character's looks and personalities were as closely stuck to as possible. The wings and flight takeoffs looked a bit fake but were, in my opinion, very good for what money the crew was given. Despite what other fans might say, I liked seeing the wings and am very glad we got anything made from the series.

With that, I absolutely LOVED the cinematography and the music and felt the vibe given from it fit the scenes. Some of the sound effects were kind of odd and took me out of the experience for a moment, but I feel it can be improved in future films. Certain scenes from the book weren't represented, but like I said, the changes made absolute sense to fit into an hour and a half film. Only the first half of the book was included, but it really is a long book and I am almost certain that if another movie is made it will include what happens in the second half of the story. It's hard to truly adapt a series to film, but being such a fan of the series, I enjoyed the movie, and it's definitely one of the better book adaptations. The series itself is a bit messy with the plot, and this movie cleans it up in a manner that makes the film run smoothly and immerses one in the experience that is Maximum Ride. SPOILERS AHEAD

Now, as with any film, not everything is entirely perfect. I enjoyed it a lot, but I feel this movie could've done with fewer flashbacks and more scenes with Angel. I think she had maybe what... 8 lines? I liked the subtle romance between Fang and Max and enjoyed their banter, however, I would like to see a much snarkier Max and broodier Fang. Fang seemed to have more control over Max which doesn't quite happen in the books as Max is very stubborn and leaderish and always takes charge. With that being said, I really liked these new versions and was quite immersed in the film. The actors themselves are very good. As are Nudge's and Iggy's actors. I like this new Iggy but Nudge's character could deal with a lot less... Meanness? I don't know. I felt like they should've focused more on the motormouth side of her and not so much the "me me me" side.

Angel and Gazzy were Spot. On. As was Jeb, who I liked a bit more than book Jeb. All three characters could've done with a bit more screen time, and Angel definitely a few more lines.

Fang. Ugh, I absolutely ADORED Fang in this film. But I don't think they mentioned his name at all lol and while I do miss the emo brooding Fang we all love, I accept that they went with this more modern version to appeal to more viewers. The scene where he was cleaning Max's shoulder and yelling at her for being stupid. ASDGDHDKKIIIK. Ah! It was SO Fang and Max. Speaking of Max, it would've been nice if they called her Maximum Ride at some point. Maybe during the scenes with Ella and Dr. Martinez, who, also, could've gotten more screen time. Dr. Martinez was probably my only character problem as she didn't feel quite as motherly as in the books, which is a big deal, but I'm sure they'll work on it.

While it wasn't exactly like the book, I think the movie stuck very closely and gave it a much more mature and sci-fi feel. It may have not been Maximum Ride entirely but it was VERY GOOD. Overall I liked it, and can't wait to see more films from Studio71 and the actors themselves. Hopefully, enough fans of the books will like it too so that we can get more movies. What a fun film to experience. Maximum Ride is definitely quite the ride indeed. Excited to see more!

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