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Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse 2015 full movie online free

Three Australian telecom tradesman find themselves trapped in a telephone exchange during the onset of a zombie apocalypse.


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Release: Jul 15, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse full movie review - Jim Jefferies WTAbsoluteF?

(Disclaimer) This review may contain spoilers but to be honest it wouldn't really matter because this movie is so bad.

First off I want to start by saying that at the time of writing my review there were 3 other reviews, 2 positive ones of which are both fake and obviously from people involved in the making of this absolute sh!t fest. The only other honest review was from Sarah. Secondly I want to say Jim Jefferies WTF were you thinking being involved with this crap? I know you were probably doing a mate a favour by being in this and I almost totally agree with Sarah's opinion on what happened to your character but being involved in an absolute sh!t show like this is the kinda thing that could end a career. I only watched this because of Jim Jefferies, he's as funny as fvck. His show Legit should never of gotten cancelled. It was far, far better than the likes of similar shows like Louie which got all artsy fartsy or Maron. Such a shame. If you've never seen his stand up you should really check it out, then you'd understand why I'm asking why he would ever have anything to do with crap like this. Check out his FreeDumb gig fvcking hilarious there's plenty of clips of his stuff on youtube. The only point which I might disagree with Sarah's review is that I think Jim Jefferies might have been in a scene near the end of the movie. The scene where they're in the escape tunnel there's a zombie in different closes from what Jim was wearing earlier that I'm almost certain was him.

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