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Meet the Blacks 2016 full movie online free

A family move to Beverly Hills to relax. Only till they find out the purge is about to happen.


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Release: Apr 01, 2016

IMDb: 3.8

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Meet the Blacks full movie review - "Meet the Blacks" is a semi-humorous, half-way decent parody.

Just since the beginning of this century, filmmakers have asked us to meet the Parents, the Fockers, the Spartans, the Robinsons, the Browns, the Patels, and, every Sunday morning on network TV? the Press.

Personally, I have taken part in most of those "meets" ? and generally enjoyed them, to varying degrees. Next, we are encouraged to "Meet the Blacks" (R, 1:30). Like most of those other examples, this meeting is intended to be comedic in nature and, like the example of "Meet the Spartans" (2008), this meeting is a parody of an earlier cinematic encounter. You see, "Meet the Browns" is also known as "The Black Purge". You can think of the movie this way: What if the 2013 film "The Purge" were re-staged with a black family? We're talking the first of the Purge movies ? as in taking place in an upscale neighborhood, but where a single family of color lives. Get the picture? The next question is, will you "get" the movie? Carl Black (Mike Epps) has suddenly, uh? come into some money. He (VERY) quickly moves his family from Chicago to a mansion in Beverly Hills. His new wife, Lorena (Zulay Henao, a Columbian actress, playing a sexy Mexican woman and looking like a younger, less-Latina Sofia Vergara), his self-centered teenage daughter, Allie (Bresha Webb), his nerdy young son, Carl Jr. (Alex Henderson) and Carl's ex-con, sex-obsessed cousin Cronut (Lil Duvall) are enjoying their new home ? and wondering how and why they ended up here. Lorena is struggling to get Carl's kids to accept her as part of the family, Carl Jr. keeps to himself wearing a vampire costume and sending his remote-controlled toys around the house from a secret hideaway in his closet, Allie is secretly meeting with her boyfriend, Freezee (Andrew Bachelor), who rode a bus from Chicago to surprise her, and Cronut is busy "fixing" Carl's new SUV, sexually harassing Lorena and breaking into Carl's safe, helping himself to Carl's secret stash of cash and weed. Carl gets the family out of the house to walk down their street and meet some of their new neighbors (including Phil Austin, Kate Enggren and Perez Hilton), but Carl's timing leaves something to be desired.

The Blacks have moved into their new mansion just in time for the annual national Purge ? a night of terror during which citizens are free to release aggression, right wrongs and get rid of "undesirables". All crime is legal for 12 hours ? including murder. Even as President El Bama (George Lopez) announces the beginning of the Purge in a televised address to the nation, Carl assures his family that people don't purge in nice neighborhoods like theirs. He's trippin'. Just as in the film "The Purge", even rich people aren't safe from others who are purging, and the family home is soon invaded by criminals, masked strangers and even their own neighbors. But remember, "Meet the Blacks" is a parody of that film? focused on a black family in an otherwise white neighborhood ? and Snoop Dogg is involved in the production. So, instead of a family having to fend off jealous neighbors and other anonymous purgers, the Blacks have to contend with people like a drug dealer, a creditor (Mike Tyson), a repo man, a process server, an unhappy president of the homeowner's association and some racist neighbors.

"Meet the Blacks" is a semi-humorous, half-way decent parody. The mixture of the plot from "The Purge" and the fish-out-of-water / racially-oriented comedy is full of possibilities, but not very successfully exploited by up-and-coming director Deon Taylor and the writing team of Mr. Taylor and Nicole DeMasi. What is exploited are racial stereotypes of several different kinds and common racial epithets. If you're not offended by those kinds of terms or sources of humor, you may well enjoy this film. Personally, I found it sometimes funny, sometimes offensive and mostly just mildly amusing. "C+"

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