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Metroid: The Sky Calls 2015 full movie online free

Rainfall Films and director Sam Balcomb present a live action short set in the Metroid universe, starring Jessica Chobot and America Young.


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Release: Nov 02, 2015

IMDb: 6.0

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Metroid: The Sky Calls full movie review - Okay film

This short is very well made. For an internet movie, it has good effects, cinematography, sound mixing and music. You really do feel like you're watching a movie.

It is very much influenced by "Alien", due to the fact that Samus is based on Ripley.

It is cool seeing Samus do her moves from the game like turning into a ball. However, the big shoulders don't work. Although I do like the green lights coming out of her suit.

However, Jessica is miscast. There isn't really anything Samus-like about her. Nothing heroic about her. She's an okay actress, but Samus wasn't for her.

The plot is very meh. Samus goes on a planet, discovers something and goes home again. That's it. Also, she is the only character in this film. It would be nice if Sam Balcomb made another Metroid short with more characters in it.

Movies based on video games don't work, but they work as TV shows like Earthworm Jim and Sonic Satam. Even the Mario cartoons were enjoyable, despite their obvious continuity mistakes.

I'd like to see a Metroid series be made, maybe for Netflix. Maybe Sam could direct an episode

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