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Morgan 2016 full movie online free

Morgan is about a corporate risk-management consultant who has to decide and determine whether or not to terminate an artificial being's life that was made in a laboratory environment.


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Release: Sep 02, 2016

IMDb: 5.5

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Morgan full movie review - Will Ridley Scott Be Proud of The Directional Debut of His Son?

Science fiction, a genre that stops working and self-destructs over time, it is buried into a deadline as hesitant and battered as any other genre that Hollywood exploits until the total exacerbation of it.

For some time, the dearth of purely new ideas has been a cinematic pandemic that has potentially harmed the big and powerful global film studios, such alarming lack is responsible for the weekly remakes and reboots of already released movies or films with attractive outward appearance, which contain aspects and developments technically copied. This is the regrettable event of Luke Scott. Carrying upon his shoulders the 'Scott' surname must not be easy, in view that his father, the selfsame Ridley S. is responsible for some cult classic movies and one of the film directors more relevant and influential of the recent years; It may be that this pressure caused that the last film of the novice director, "Morgan", to deliver a film with existential and philosophical discourses, which did not fulfill what it asserted. It is a shame that Ridley would give his consent to one imitation less sophisticated and profound from "Ex Machina", perhaps, it was a family thing or just one explicit 'artificial intelligence'.

The story by Seth W. Owen takes us into a world set in the future, in which the possibility of being a creator of life is openly feasible. Around the reused premise, a group of scientists, geographically isolated, create stable human hybrids with scientific and technological aspirations. The crux of the plot is that said perfect human being, conceived by genetic manipulation, starts to develop a more complicated thought phase, one in which humanized emotions and feelings can be unexpectedly dangerous. There is no problem in telling a story that's been told before in this kind of films, provided that they institute it a dissimilar style and a different use that aim to offer a solid and powerful contribution to the general idea. The previous rule did not regulate the film of Luke Scott, considering that besides not give an inherently intelligent response to well-known story, living in the shadow of several classics of science fiction - among them, some of his father - and tries to innovate becoming the little it had been achieved in an incoherent horror-thriller filled with unjustified violence.

"Ex Machina", the Sci-Fi surprise of 2015 is its illustrious mentor. The acclaimed work of the English novelist, screenwriter, film producer and director; Alex Garland, has a connection with most of its ambitions and motivations with "Morgan", even so, despite the fact that its director, Luke Scott, affirmed that was not aware of the fantastic film of Alicia Vikander until after the post- production of the film, "Morgan" feels like a lighter version of it, with a budget much smaller, with a completely distant approach and with wholly disconcerting results. In addition to that movie, the film seems to be based on the mythical "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley, another nightmare that has been treated in a thousand ways - thousand and one with this - in where the creation of artificial life is limited by the own human foibles. In a nutshell, "Morgan" does not possess the same paced of those movies, since it lacks of reflective questions that forge science fiction, questions such as: in what will a machine affect to humanity, why does it deserve to stay, will they perish someday.

The infinite flaws of the movie focuses on the performances of its squandered cast. Despite having actors and actresses as prestigious as for getting some nominations in the Academy Awards, the spectrum around the film manages to diminish the potential of the cast to zero. We have an unrecognizable Kate Mara - and not precisely by her physical appearance -, who plays the main role, Lee Weathers, a cold and dry professional that takes care of finding the answer to problems with secret investigations, who from the beginning showed herself indifferent and inert. You will be taken aback with the performance of Mara, which although it is justifiable in the final stretch, exceeds the insipidness and lividity required for the character. Similarly happens with Anya Taylor-Joy, the little gem with a wonderful and blessed future of "The VVitch", she is hidden in almost the entire length of the film under the depth and darkness of her grey sweatshirt, giving a performance somewhat blundering and very regular in the designated role, so , comparisons with Vikander are unnecessary. Concerning what is referred the supporting cast, they verge on the ridiculous and only a few manage to explore the small potential of their characters with tenacity and peculiarities characteristic of the own actors (Rose Leslie and Michelle Yeoh). Thus, the appropriate definition for the debut of Scott would be a wasted opportunity, a poorly developed opportunity, an opportunity that should never have happened. Slow paced, formulaic and boring, "Morgan" takes refuge in the luxuries of "Ex Machina" and fatefully becomes in a thriller film that prioritizes action more than its motivations. This is the only movie with an unexpected ending that I wasn't surprised, and sadly is destined to succumb in the lugubrious and painful area of the worst films of the year. Luke, I'm sorry, perhaps next time.

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