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Mostly Sunny 2017 full movie online free

A documentary portrait of porn actress turned Bollywood starlet Sunny Leone.


Quality: HD []

Release: Jan 13, 2017

IMDb: 1.0

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Mostly Sunny full movie review - Decent documentary

Apparently the director had a falling out w Sunny over the film,so i was expecting something at least mildly interesting, and it was.

It was quite slow at times though so i cant rate it too highly, and it honestly just made me feel bad for the woman known as Sunny Leone as she comes across as much less intelligent that i thought, as she appears to be just another dumb girl from porn trying to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame,however she can. Most of the things she talks about is how she is able to make money and did porn to make money and she rarely says anything intelligent. After seeing the film I honestly feel kind of sorry that her life seems that empty and that there is nothing.. behind the facade. I do not think whatever fame she has will last much longer as she is pretty much just a good looking girl who is good at dancing, who happened to do porn,and happens to be from India at a time when they are just realizing what internet porn is. Beyond that she shows no actual talent or intelligence so i will say the film was decently interesting to see the veil lifted a bit and see how banal this persons life is. (She does seem like a nice person however, but.. acting is probably not her thing.). This is probably why she did not like the films true portrayal of there isn't much of anything beyond the facade.

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