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Mr. Right 2016 full movie online free

A girl falls for the "perfect" guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he's a hitman on the run from the crime cartels who employ him.


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Release: Apr 08, 2016

IMDb: 5.1

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Mr. Right full movie review - A mixed-bag, but a generally good one

Mr. Right is was definitely one of the most surprisingly good films I saw released in 2015. The trailers made it out to look like one of those horrible comedies like Hot Pursuit or Pitch Perfect but it was surprisingly much better than that.

However that being said I do have VERY mixed feelings about it. I truly believe it could have been garbage if not for a two very important decisions. The first one is the fact that the two leads are portrayed as being crazy, and when I say that I don't mean the typical Hollywood slightly kooky and just really weird. I mean that both characters are actually mentally unstable. This helps the film so much because it justifies their actions in almost every instance. "Why would she continue wanting to date someone she saw literally kill a man in cold blood?" Because she is crazy. 'Why would Sam Rockwell's character do almost have the crap he does in the movie?" Because he is insane. If you watch the movie with this realization it becomes much more enjoyable and believable. The other factor that made this movie not-awful was Sam Rockwell's character. I'm not saying it was incredible and Oscar-worthy because he pretty much plays the same role as he did in Seven Psychopaths but it was still very fun and interesting. His character's constant enthusiasm for everything and likable charisma significantly made the film that much more enjoyable. However I do believe if I'd have seen any other movies with him in it AND they had all been the same character that he plays here I would have been very annoyed with his character, as it seems like the kind of character that would wear thin VERY easily. However since I have not seen any other movies with him in a prominent role I will consider this a plus. However Anna Kendrick's character on the other hand, is really bad for a majority of the film. Now this isn't so much due to her acting as it is more about how annoying her character is. It's fine for a movie to have an annoying character as long as they are INTENTIONALLY so. This is not the case for this movie. Anna Kendrick is supposed to portray a nice, sweet, yet slightly unhinged girl, but the script makes her to be SO obnoxious and annoying that you can't help but cringe just thinking about it. That being said, she does get better over the course of the movie, mainly because her character becomes more and more crazy and thus less and less and annoying. Another big issue with the movie is the comedy. Here it is listed as an "action comedy romance" but it isn't that funny. I believed I laughed a single time throughout the entire movie. That's kind of a problem. The good news is that it doesn't try to be funny to often but when it does it fails HARD. It has the same kind of humor as Pitch Perfect, Hot Pursuit, and probably the upcoming Ghostbusters remake, that being loud, obnoxious, and unfunny. (hey just like the main character!) The reason the humor is so bad is that a majority of it comes from Anna Kendrick's character, who as I mentioned previously is awful. Luckily whenever another character makes a joke it is much better, specifically Sam Rockwell. The other two aspects of the film are luckily much better. With this being a romance movie the two leads need to have good chemistry and I'm happy to say they sort-of succeeded. While it's not nothing to gush about the way Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell's characters interact is just sweet and nice enough to make you root for them, even if it's not very unique.The action in the film was surprisingly good and entertaining, and while I never felt like there was a chance of the protagonists dying it was still good. This is thanks to the cinematography for the scenes, which isn't any breathtaking, but by having the camera be close up to the main character during most action scenes you make the fighting feel a lot more personal. Choreography-wise the action scenes aren't that special, but it is rather fast-paced with quick cuts (luckily no shaky-cam) which I would consider to be a good thing since it keeps the action flowing. Another issue I have with the movie is the overall plot. While the film isn't very focused on the story, (instead it spends most of it's time on Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell's relationship) the overall plot it does have is very simple, unoriginal, and cliché, especially in the second and third act. Not only is the plot weak, but the two main villains in the movie are very uninspiring and one note. However neither the one note plot nor boring antagonists are that big of a deal since they take up a very small portion of the screen time. The only other big nitpick I have with the movie is a scene that NOT ONLY tries to explain Sam Rockwell's character's abilities (which are incredibly impossible and stupid) with nonsensical scientific explanation BUT ALSO forces some lazy reincorporation down our throats. Now I know I've pretty much constantly complained about this movie almost the whole time but overall I really enjoyed it. It had some good characters, good action scenes, and I generally enjoyed the very colorful style of the movie fits well with the tone. Overall even though this movie has some very big flaws I would overall recommend it.

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