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My Beautiful Broken Brain 2016 full movie online free

A profoundly personal voyage into the complexity, fragility and wonder of the human brain, after Lotje Sodderland miraculously survives a hemorrhagic stroke and finds herself starting again in an alien world, bereft of language and logic. This feature documentary takes us on a genre-twisting tale that is by turns excruciating and exquisite - from the devastating consequences of a first-time neurological experiment, through to the extraordinary revelations of her altered sensory perception.


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Release: Mar 18, 2016

IMDb: 8.0

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My Beautiful Broken Brain full movie review - Beautiful documentary about the reality of brain dysfunction

One of the things that struck me most about this documentary is how the filmmakers capture and recreate the experiences after Lotje Sodderland's hemorrhagic stroke and make it real and comprehensible for those who wouldn't understand how it feels for Lotje and others who suffer from this.

The usage of colour and amplification of sounds help the audience to not only understand what it is like for her but to also be able to hear and see it. I imagine that was her goal for making this documentary, to share her story and feel less isolated in it all and it truly pulls at your heart strings. She said it was also a way of making sense of it all for herself too in the documentary.

The documentary is very real and deeply meaningful in many ways... you go on the journey with Lotje, and you feel very much for her. You watch her go from not being able to talk very much, go through therapy and experiments, to speaking about her experiences and accepting her new reality. The admirable thing is that she never gave up fighting and hope. She got better through doing so and it is a clear and beautiful message that this documentary gets across. No matter how bad it is, you should never give up hope... Lotje even found love with that beautiful broken brain of hers! It also provokes the question of reality and how brain plays a major part in constructing it. Lotje experiences a new reality, enriched with colour from the right eye and deeper field of vision, she experiences light and sound differently and she comes to accept that reality she has and is still very thankful about life and her journey is inspiring! The medium of film is beautiful to me because of this... so many stories and experiences are shared and can be understood and recreated through film. If you are a lover of documentary, science or life, I'd highly recommend this documentary.

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