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Mythica: The Iron Crown 2016 full movie online free

When a team of unlikely heroes hijacks a steam-powered battle wagon, a daring young wizard (Marek) steals the final piece of the all-powerful Darkspore and embarks on a desperate quest to deliver the cursed artifact to the gods for safe keeping; but when they are caught in a death race between a ruthless team of elite mercenaries and a trinity of demons, Marek must learn to believe in herself before her friends are killed and the Darkspore is lost, to stop the evil necromancer (Szorlok) from uniting the Darkspore and flooding the living world with his legions of undead.

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Release: May 14, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Mythica: The Iron Crown full movie review - Gods are in the details

Somehow, the location of the last Dark Spore is known to both Wizard and Dwarf, both wanting to get their hands on it for different purposes.

While the wizard keeps the warlock occupied, our team has to not only recover the shard of the Lich King's heart, but also protect it from no less than three different bands trying to get at it.

In a way it was a more fun Mythica, with a lot of fights and running around and Warcraft-like dwarfish machines. However, the details were really what stuck out like a sore thumb. The fighting scenes were choreographed really badly, with people that are obviously not fighters doing clumsy moves. God, I miss Danielle Chuchran! Then the little scenes, where the personality of a character could have shone through, they completely missed the spot!

In the end it was fun, but at every turn that could have been interesting something went really badly. I mean, I understand they cannot do focus groups on the result and reshoot the bad scenes, it's not that kind of budget, but when they shoot them, don't actors and directors feel something is off? See the scene where they make a deal, the bad guy gives their item first and the good guys go through with the deal, even when the fate of the world hangs in the balance. And the evil guys. They could be so much fun! The warlock has no sense of humor, he only wishes to kill everything. Why? What's the point?

Anyway, bottom line is that I am amazed how little the show improves with each iteration. I can accept almost everything, from bad acting, directing, editing, sound, CGI... which funny enough are rare in Mythica, they do a good job with what they have. But I can't really be comfortable with a lack of progress. Whatever you do, guys, try to learn from it at least a little!

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